MITT Policy Manual

Disclaimer: All policies shall remain in effect until amended or revoked regardless of their five-year review deadline or any other reason for review. Federal and provincial legislation will always supersede MITT policies.

Academic Policies

Student Conduct

Policy Number Policy Name
AC-1-1 Student Behaviour
AC-1-2 Student and MITT Expectations
AC-1-3 Student Dress Code
AC-1-4 Academic Integrity
AC-1-5 Drug and Alcohol Policy (Students)
AC-1-6 Student Attendance (Post-Secondary)
AC-1-7 Student Attendance (High School)
AC-1-8 Student Discipline
AC-1-9 Pharmacy Technician Program Student Code of Conduct

Other Academic and Student Policies

Policy Number Policy Name
AC-2-1 Student Withdrawal Policy
AC-2-2 Student Appeals
AC-2-3 Course Outlines
AC-2-4 Work Practicum and Work Co-op Policy
AC-2-5 Accessibility Accommodations and Supports for Post-Secondary Students
AC-2-6 Credit Transfer Policy
AC-2-7 Administering Medicine to Secondary Students and Minors
AC-2-8 Anaphylaxis
AC-2-9 Student Concerns
AC-2-10 Academic Standards
AC-2-11 Program Advisory Committees
AC-2-12 Death of a student


Policy Number Policy Name
ACS-1 Accessible Customer Service Policy
ACS-2 Accessible Employment at MITT

Code of Conduct

Policy Number Policy Name
CC-1 Code of Conduct & Staff Ethics
CC-2 Respectful Workplace, Harassment Prevention and Non-Discrimination
CC-3 Relationships and Boundaries With Students
CC-4 Conflict of Interest
CC-5 Off-Duty Conduct by Employees
CC-6 Acceptance of Gifts by Employees
CC-7 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

External Relations

Policy Number Policy Name
ER-1 Community Sponsorships
ER-2 Donor Relations – Acceptance of Gifts
ER-3 Donor Relations – Capital Asset Naming Rights
ER-4 Donor Relations – Development Activities

Facilities Management

Policy Number Policy Name
FM-1 Rental of MITT Facilities
FM-2 Use of MITT Equipment
FM-3 Disposal of Surplus Assets
FM-4 Flags at Half-Mast


Policy Number Policy Name
FI-1 Purchasing Policy and Procedures
FI-2 Expense Reimbursement Standards
FI-3 Travel Expense Policy and Procedures
FI-4 MITT General Investment Policy
FI-5 Purchase and Reimbursement for Alcohol Purchases
FI-6 Elder and Cultural Advisor Honorariums or Fee for Service
FI-7 Risk Management

General Administration

Policy Number Policy Name
GA-1 Privacy and Access to Information
GA-2 Digital Privacy Statement
GA-3 Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower)
GA-4 Copyright/Fair Dealing
GA-5 Policy Development, Approval & Rescindment

Information Technology

Policy Number Policy Name
IT-1 MITT Computer and Telecommunications Usage Policy

Human Resources


Policy Number Policy Name
PS-1-1 Employee Orientation
PS-1-2 MITT Expectations of Staff
PS-1-3 Probationary Period
PS-1-4 Progressive Discipline
PS-1-5 MITT Drug and Alcohol Policy (Employees)
PS-1-6 Staff Concerns and Complaints
PS-1-7 Attendance Management - Staff
PS-1-8 Disability Management


Policy Number Policy Name
PS-2-1 Hiring Policy – Recruitment
PS-2-2 Hiring Practices – Nepotism
PS-2-3 Child Abuse Registry/Criminal Record Check
PS-2-4 Employment Equity

Performance Management

Policy Number Policy Name
PS-3-1 Performance Evaluation – Non-Instructors
PS-3-2 Performance Evaluation – Instructors


Policy Number Policy Name
PS-4-1 Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons- Unpaid
PS-4-2 Teaching Exchange/Staff Secondments
PS-4-3 Sick Leave Absences and Medical Certificates
PS-4-4 Overtime and Banked Days
PS-4-5 Vacation Policy for Support Staff, Managers, Directors & Executive Officers
PS-4-6 Maternity, Adoption and Parental Leave
PS-4-7 Hybrid/Remote Work Policy (effective until end of September 2, 2024)
Hybrid/Remote Work Policy (effective September 3, 2024)


Policy Number Policy Name
R-1 Administration of Research
R-2 Research and Innovation
R-3 Intellectual Property
R-4 Integrity in Research and Scholarship
R-5 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Subjects
R-6 Applied Research Policy Definitions

Sexual Violence

Policy Number Policy Name
SV-1 Sexual Violence Policy

Workplace Safety, Health & Wellness

Policy Number Policy Name
WSH-1 Workplace Safety, Health and Wellness
WSH-2 Violence Prevention
WSH-3 Disaster and Emergency Plan Policy
WSH-4 Working Alone or in Isolation
WSH-5 Smoke Free and Vape Free Policy
WSH-6 Identification Card
WSH-7 MITT Campus Closure

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