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As part of its commitment to being student-focused, MITT continues to grow its support—with help from its partners in government and industry—of women looking to pursue education and employment in trades and technical career fields. We are excited to share this page as a one-stop shop to help you explore some of the exciting and rewarding career options for women in trades and technology, and discover how MITT can help you achieve your goals through its many certificate and diploma programs; so check it out! When you see something you like, email us for more information or book a campus tour to see our facilities in person.



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Women in Trades and Technology (WITT) Student group

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WITT is a student group at MITT comprised of women who came to MITT to pursue their common interest in trades and technology. Its goal is to provide women support and guidance on their paths toward successful careers in their chosen fields. Through monthly meetings and on-campus volunteer opportunities, WITT provides its members opportunities to network, share their knowledge, discuss current issues, offer support and resources, and gain workplace-relevant skills that will help them once they enter the workforce.

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What we do

The group meets regularly throughout the school year. Women are invited to participate in monthly meetings and activities, including professional development opportunities and guest speakers. Throughout the year we also host a number of events that give WITT members the opportunity to gain leadership skills and make great connections with other women already working in the industry. After attending three meetings or events you will receive a participation certificate.

Upcoming events:

There are no upcoming events scheduled.

For more information, contact studentservices@mitt.ca.

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Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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