Test Centre

January 15, 2021: The MITT Test Centre has temporarily stopped taking any new test bookings for PearsonVUE due to on-campus and province-wide covid-19 prevention measures. Check this page for updates on when PearsonVUE testing will resume. 

MITT's Test Centre provides a variety of testing and invigilation services for program applicants, current MITT students, as well as for students from other institutions or professionals upgrading their qualifications.

The following computer and paper-based tests can be written at MITT:

  • Entrance tests for MITT programs (CAAT and PAT)
  • Pearson VUE
  • Testing for MITT students with accessibility accommodations
  • Test supervision for other schools or private industry

Test Centre Information

Location: 130 Henlow Bay, 2nd Floor

Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday

Contact: TestCentre@mitt.ca or 204-989-6552

Parking: Visitor parking is available at no charge when writing a test; students must sign-in at the Henlow General Office.

Test Centre Requirements For Students:

  • Covid-19 Prevention:
    • Students must complete the Shared Health Covid19 Screening Tool prior to arriving to MITT. Do not arrive for a test if your are sick or have any symptoms of illness. Notify the Test Centre to reschedule – there will be no penalty/fees charged for cancellations due to illness.
    • Masks must be worn at all times while on-campus and in the Test Centre; students must provide their own mask.
    • Students must sign-in/out at the Henlow General Office and will be escorted by staff to the Test Centre on the second floor.
  • Photo ID is required for all tests. A valid driver's license, a passport, or other government issue ID is required a student ID card is acceptable for current MITT students.
  • No personal items are permitted in the testing centre. Lockers for coats, bags, purses, hats, etc. will be provided at no charge.
  • No devices are permitted in the testing centre. Cell phones, tablets, smart watches or Bluetooth-enabled devices must remain outside of the testing centre.
  • Students must bring their own pens, pencils and calculators (as needed/ if allowed). Calculators must not have any type of memory function.
  • Scrap paper will be provided by MITT and must be returned when the test is completed.
  • No food or beverages other than water. Only clear/transparent water bottles are permitted; no paper cups or containers which are not transparent. Water bottles cannot be refilled once a test has started.
  • No reference materials are permitted in the test centre unless specifically identified and approved prior to the day of the test.
  • Test centre staff cannot provide assistance or clarification on test questions or content.
  • Students are expected to complete their test without requiring breaks or needing to leave the test centre (washroom, phone calls, etc.). Students needing accommodations must make arrangements with the test authority and/or MITT Test Centre staff prior to the day of the test.

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