Student Loans

Provincial and Federal Covid-19 Assistance Info: Visit Prosper Canada's online Financial Relief Navigator to see all of the covid-related support options available. This is an excellent site that makes it easy to see all the different financial assistance programs in one place.

Students who need financial support for some or all of their living and tuition costs should apply for their loan as soon as possible, even if your MITT application is not 100% complete. Applying as early as possible will make sure your loan is approved and processed for the start of classes.

Tips from MITT:

  • MB Student Aid is the best option if your personal savings and family support are not enough to cover all of your study costs. A government loan should be considered before applying for a bank loan.
  • A student loan is an important part of your time management plan that can reduce the time you spend at a part-time job while studying.
  • There are a large number of grants and bursaries (free money!) that can only be accessed by applying for a loan. A large portion of the funding you receive may not have to be repaid when you graduate from MITT!
  • Apply ASAP and ask for help if you need it! MITT Student Advisors are available all summer to help you through the loans process. If you are confused or something doesn’t seem right, just call or email us for help.

Please contact MITT Student Services at or 204-989-6512 to talk to a Student Advisor about loans and your financial plan for fall 2020.  

April 22, 2020: Federal Government Announces Student Funding Increases for Fall/Winter 2020-21. The Government of Canada announces increased support to the Canada Student Loan program, including:

  • Doubling the Canada Student Grants (CSG) for the 2020-21 school year. The CSG for full-time students is now up to $6,000. These are grants – you will not need to repay this funding!
  • The expected student and spousal contributions in 2020-21 have been removed which increases eligibility for funding. This recognizes that many students and families may not have been able to save enough for school in 2020-21 due to covid-19.
  • Increasing the maximum weekly loan amount from $210 a week to $350 a week.

Future students considering a Fall/Winter program or students who have already applied to MITT are strongly encouraged to research and consider applying for a government student loan to access these grants and bursaries.

To learn more about student loans for Winter, Spring or Fall 2021 please contact an MITT Recruiter or Student Advisor anytime. It can seem a little confusing, but MITT are experts in assisting with student loans. We want to help you!

Contact Recruitment at 204-989-7376 or a Student Advisor at    204-989-6512.

Student Loans

The ideal situation for a student is to pay their tuition and living costs with personal savings and/or family support. This is ideal, but not always possible. However, lack of financial support should not be a barrier to entering full-time studies.

The next best option to help students cover their expenses while studying is a government student loan issued through their province of residence and the Government of Canada. 

Government loans are easy to apply for online, take all study and living costs into account, and automatically link students to grants and bursaries that do not need to be repaid. When it comes time to repay your government student loan, the interest rate and payment options are very flexible and affordable compared to other types of lenders.      

"I don't want to be in debt when I graduate. I will just keep my job while studying." Our experience shows that more than 15 hrs/week at a job dramatically reduces the amount of time available for study and success in an MITT program. Finances, time management and successful grades are closely related and one usually impacts the other. A government loan provides a student money but also time to study.   

"I thought I had enough saved but my situation changed after classes started. Can I still apply for a government loan?" Yes. Students can apply for a government loan even if their program has already started. If you experience an emergency or your personal situation has changed, a government student loan is your best option to help keep you in class and on track. 


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a government student loan, full-time students must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or designated as a Protected Person
  • Be a permanent resident of a province/territory that issues Canada Student Loans (ie. Manitoba)
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance during studies
  • Pass a credit check if you are 22+ years of age and applying for the first time
  • Maintain satisfactory grades if you have received a government loan in the past

Where To Apply

Students must submit their loan application to their province of residence. Manitoba residents can apply online at Students from other provinces can find their online application with a quick Google search.

For further information, students can also visit the Canada Student Loans website at

When To Apply

Students should apply for their loan as early as possible or approximately 2 months before the first day of class. Applying late is not a major problem, but late applications might result in not paying tuition on time or not being able to afford living expenses until later.  

Manitoba Student Aid typically posts the online application for the fall/winter school year in early June.

Applying on time according to MITT program start date: 

  • September program start =  Apply no later than July 1
  • February program start = Apply no later than December 1
  • May program start = Apply no later than February 1  

Did you apply late? If you provide MITT Finance a copy/scan of the "My Assessment Details" page from your MySAO/MB Student Aid account showing your loan amount, you will not be charged late fees or lose your seat in your program.

Students should not hesitate to ask for help from MITT Student Services if they have questions or concerns about their loan or student finances. We want to help!



Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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