Student Housing

MITT does not operate a student residence, however, there are many affordable individual and family housing options available within busing and driving distance to our campuses. Check out the programs listed by campus [PDF] chart if you are not sure where your program is located. Please note the location links below, and explore the student housing resources. We recommend that students planning to take the bus also use the Winnipeg Transit Trip Planner to help determine the travel time from a rental location to your campus.

Campus Locations (All in Winnipeg)

Henlow-Fultz (includes buildings at 130 Henlow Bay and 7 Fultz Blvd) Henlow [PDF] map, Fultz [PDF] campus map

Scurfield – 67 Scurfield Blvd

Pembina - 1551 Pembina Hwy - Pembina [PDF] campus map

English Language Centre – 609 Erin St.

Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) – #3 75 Scurfield Blvd

Main Street - 765 Main St.


When it comes to rental accommodation, including sharing with roommates, we strongly recommend that students review the resources provided by Manitoba Residential Tenancies, a government department. These include guides for first-time renters [PDF] and how to handle complaints or disputes, because it's important to know both your rights and responsibilities, including the need for a lease or written agreement.



Living in a homestay is another options for students new to Winnipeg who wish to have a more supported experience. Homestay fees generally include three meals per day, wireless internet, a private room with bed and desk. This option is open to all students. Experienced local providers include the Canada Homestay Network and Polar Trails Inc.

Short Term

If you need a place to stay while seeking a rental, local hotels are widely available, as well as Airbnb.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

Find Your New Career

If you're not sure how to take that next step, our Career Services team can help you connect your interests with the right courses to launch a new career. Find salary potential and career pathways for hundreds of careers in Manitoba.

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Student Services

Several services are offered to assist students in fulfilling their goals at the Institute. Child care, tutor programs, and much more.