Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

Industrial Mechanic - Millwright program - Winnipeg - MITT

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At A Glance

  • Duration
    1 year full-time (10 months of study)
  • Credential
  • work practicum
  • apprenticeship
  • Tuition Fees
    $5,250 (2021/22) // $5,500 (2022/23)
  • books
  • additional student fees
    $180 Tech Fee // $50 Award Fund (2021/22). $210 Tech Fee // $50 Award Fund // $75 Work Skills Foundations (2022/23).
Notes: Fees may be subject to change.
Textbook information can be found at mitt.ca/textbooks.
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Visit: mitt.ca/work-skills-foundations for information on Work Skills Foundations.


There is no rest for the machinery and industrial equipment found in modern industry so the industrial mechanic/millwright must diagnose problems and create solutions to keep things running smoothly.
It’s an exciting challenge that might find you milling custom parts or inventing your own tool along the way to get the job done.

Through a mix of theory and hands-on learning, students in MITT’s Industrial Mechanic/Millwright program develop a variety of machine shop skills—including operation of cut-off saws, drill presses, lathes, and milling machines—learn how to read blueprints, and use precision measuring and layout instruments.

Eligible students may participate in a three-week work practicum where they can practice their skills and get on-the-job guidance from a veteran industrial mechanic/millwright. And participation in MITT’s Work Skills Series workshops ensures every graduate transitions from classroom to career with a strong foundation in the employability and essential skills employers demand. Graduates who meet specific criteria can earn credit toward Apprenticeship Manitoba Level 1.

Who it is for

Individuals who value precision, enjoy working with their hands and complex machinery, and who have the strength and stamina required of a physically demanding profession.

COVID-19 Response

Due to the challenges raised by COVID-19, MITT reserves the right to alter course delivery methods and/or program durations. Course deliveries may require increased percentages of online/distance learning components, alternatives to work practicums, and extended program durations to accommodate physical distancing and work practicum placement restrictions. MITT will be providing an exceptional level of enhanced student and program supports to ensure this modified program experience continues to meet all required learning outcomes for your program.

Course information
Career information

Entrance requirements

Manitoba high school diploma (or expected completion within 45 days of the program start date), or equivalent, including:

  • Grade 12 Math (40S) with a grade of 50 per cent or higher, or equivalent.
  • Grade 12 English Language Arts (40S) with a grade of 50 per cent or higher, or equivalent.

Students needing to upgrade any of these high school requirements may contact one of MITT’s Adult Learning Centres (ALC).

If educated outside of Canada, applicants must also have demonstrated English Language Proficiency.

Click here for more information on entrance requirements.

Start dates

Next start dates:

  • Fall 2022 (September start, Day)

Classes held:

  • Days: 8:45 am to 3:15 pm

Future Offerings (subject to change):

  • Winter 2023 (January start, Day) 

Please visit the Admissions home page for current program availability.


A complete supply list can be found in the supplies section.

Details regarding additional technology requirements for online learning at MITT can be found here.


A complete textbook list can be found in the textbooks section.

Work practicum

A four-week work practicum placement may be available to students who meet eligibility criteria, providing them the opportunity to apply their skills and get on-the-job guidance working within a local employer’s facility.

Work practicum is a mandatory component of this program. Students must meet all program eligibility criteria to qualify for practicum. MITT does not guarantee practicum placements when students do not meet eligibility criteria (including having a valid co-op work permit) or when sufficient placements are not available. In such situations, MITT will explore alternative options for program completion with a student.


Students who successfully complete the accredited program with an accumulative average of 70 per cent or better in the trade subjects and level for which the program was accredited, gain employment, and register as an apprentice within two years of graduating, will receive credit for Apprenticeship Manitoba Level 1 in-school technical training and 800 hours in the Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Apprenticeship program.

Continuous Program Improvement

MITT continuously reviews and improves programs to maintain relevance in the workplace and effective learning experiences for all students. Although the institution strives to have the website reflect the most current version of all programs, MITT reserves the right to change the program curriculum as necessary to meet industry and accreditation requirements. As a result, course information and learning outcomes may be adjusted prior to the scheduled course start date.

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