• Specialization: Hairstyling
    • Introduction to Hairstyling

      This course provides students with an introduction to shampoo, hair and scalp treatments, basic blow-drying, curling iron, and braiding techniques.

      Course Code: HR-210
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 120

    • Basic Hairstyling

      Students learn basic skills in scalp manipulations, fingerwaving, pincurling, roller setting, and sectioning. Theory assignments are related to practical components as well as the history of hairstyling, trichology, pH scale, shampoos, rinses, scalp disorders, and hair and scalp treatments.

      Course Code: HR-220
      Course Requirements: Introduction to Hairstyling

      Hours: 120

    • Basic Haircutting and Thermal Styling

      Students learn blow-drying, pincurl, roller setting, and updos as well as basic hair cutting techniques.

      Course Code: HR-230
      Course Requirements: Basic Hairstyling

      Hours: 120

    • Related Salon Services

      This credit focuses on the function and composition of the skin, including identification of diseases and disorders. Students perform basic beauty services such as makeup application and eyebrow shaping. Nail anatomy and manicure services are also included, along with perm wraps, colour sectioning, fingerwaving braids and updos.

      Course Code: HR-240
      Course Requirements: Basic Haircutting and Thermal Styling

      Hours: 120

    • Intermediate Haircutting and Barbering Techniques

      This course examines hair shaping techniques using shears, razors, and clippers. Students also learn various cutting and finishing techniques for men’s hair, including beards and moustaches.

      Course Code: HR-250
      Course Requirements: Related Salon Services

      Hours: 120

    • Hair Colouring

      This credit focuses on an introduction to colour theory, and allows students to develop skills in providing hair colouring and hair lightening services.

      Course Code: HR-260
      Course Requirements: Intermediate Haircutting and Barbering Techniques

      Hours: 120

    • Intermediate Hairstyling and Artificial Hair

      This course focuses on the styling, shaping, and care of various artificial hair services, along with intermediate techniques in fingerwave, pincurl, roller setting, comb-outs, and updos.

      Course Code: HR-270
      Course Requirements: Hair Colouring

      Hours: 120

    • Chemical Texture Services

      This course focuses on the theory and practical application of permanent waving and chemical relaxing techniques.

      Course Code: HR-280
      Course Requirements: Intermediate Hairstyling and Artificial Hair

      Hours: 120

    • Advanced Hairstyling and Colouring

      Students will practice and develop advanced colouring application skills and work on formulations for various colour services, as well as advanced hairstyling techniques.

      Course Code: HR-290
      Course Requirements: Chemical Texture Services

      Hours: 120

    • Advanced Haircutting and Chemical Texture Services

      This course focuses on the advanced training necessary to perfect the haircutting and chemical texture service skills which students have been developing throughout the Hairstyling program.

      Course Code: HR-300
      Course Requirements: Advanced Hairstyling and Colouring

      Hours: 120

    • Salon Operation

      Students learn salon planning and management, including retail and reception duties, as well as develop their resume and career portfolio.

      Course Code: HR-310
      Course Requirements: Advanced Haircutting and Chemical Texture Services

      Hours: 120

    • Certificate Preparation

      This course provides students with an opportunity to review and prepare for the practical and theoretical interprovincial examination. Students also work with clients and practice on models under the supervision of the instructors.

      Course Code: HR-320
      Course Requirements: Salon Operation

      Hours: 120

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