Sales and Event Coordinator

Sales and Event Coordinator

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The success of any business relies on professionals who are skilled communicators and problem solvers within a fast-paced environment. This dual career program provides students a unique combination of relatable skills attractive to a wide range of employers and industries. Sales and Event Coordinator graduates will be able to represent an organization with the professionalism and confidence to plan events and sell a variety of products and services. Students will also be provided the tools and techniques to provide an excellent customer focused experience. This will be achieved by through career development courses, occupational specific courses, technical courses, a one month work practicum and industry certification training.

Students will practice their newly acquired skills in class or online with the help and expertise of MITT’s industry partner ‘Manitoba Tourism and Education College’. Similar to MITT’s post-graduate programs, the four hours of class-time per day will allow students to balance other commitments while investing in their future.

Program Outcomes

  1. Develop strategies for personal and professional development to improve skills and maximize career opportunities.
  2. Describe the values, attitudes and cultures common in the Canadian workplace and how to adjust to an unfamiliar setting.
  3. Apply the concepts of self-management, teamwork, leadership and initiative to gain confidence in individual and organizational performance.
  4. Apply customer service strategies that maximize client acquisition, retention and satisfaction.
  5. Communicate business-related information accurately and professionally in oral, written and presentation formats.
  6. Explain key concepts. issues and strategies in event coordination regarding safety, social media, staffing, event design, site management and organization.
  7. Demonstrate a foundational level of proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and keyboarding.
  8. Practice budgeting concepts for an event such as estimating, risk management, ethical decision making in order to prepare an effective and comprehensive budget.
  9. Perform administrative and service oriented functions in the roles of Sales Professional, Event Coordinator and Front Desk Clerk in preparation for a one month work practicum.
  10. Prepare for all parts of the job search process and identify the benefits of entrepreneurship and lifelong learning throughout a career.

Employment and advancement

This dual career program strategy provides students a unique combination of skills that will be attractive to employers who may be looking for someone who can fill more than one role in their organization or be given a broader range of tasks. This effect increases opportunities for MITT students to find employment after graduation based on the occupational specific courses taught in the program including sales, event coordination and front desk clerk.

Due to growing national and international markets, organizations across all industries are looking to sell to a wider range of customers. It is in the best interest for businesses to have professionally trained sales staff that are equipped with skills for building customer relationships. Sales and Event Coordinator graduates will be able to represent their organization with the professionalism and confidence to sell a variety of products and services.

Although the events industry is experiencing challenges due to COVID-19, people are now beginning to gather again at work and in public. The events industry has new expectations and additional responsibilities that event planners are required to understand and implement. It would be in the best interest of an organization to hire a graduate of the Sales and Event Coordinator program, as they will be trained to follow government directives and sector specific guidelines.


For specific salary information for Canada, go to:



Are employers hiring?

It is good to get into the habit of checking the hiring demand fairly frequently. The need for workers is dependent on many things such as the international market in which conditions can change quickly. The most up-to-date information is usually specific job ads which can give you a sense of the current hiring need.

Specific jobs ads:

The next thing to research is the longer term trends by region.

Manitoba trends:

Labour market demand

According to the Manitoba Labour Market Occupational Forecasts 2019-2025, the occupation group with the highest number of projected job openings is sales and service at 32,000 or 20.2 per cent of the total Manitoba job openings outlook. This is followed by business, finance and administration occupations at 24,800 or 15.6 per cent.

The national occupation code 1226 (Conference and Event Planners), indicates that the local employment outlook for the next 3 years is ‘good’ (good being the highest rating for NOC code classifications). Employment growth will lead to several new positions. The average wage in Manitoba is $28.85 per hour. The local employment forecast for code 1226 (Special Events Organizer) is also ‘good’ for the next 3 years due to employment growth. The average wage for this occupation in Manitoba is $24.04.

Based on the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program list of high demand occupations in Manitoba, the following occupations connect to the Client Service Specialist Certificate:

  • 1221 Administrative officers
  • 1241 Administrative assistants
  • 0601 Corporate Sales Managers

Note, that in many smaller to medium sized organizations, Administrative Assistants are also expected to plan events such as conferences and meetings.

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