Sales and Event Coordinator

Sales and Event Coordinator

  • Specialization: Sales and Event Coordinator
    • Job skills development

      This course provides the foundation to build a career to create opportunities, in any occupation. Students will develop transferable skills employers look for when making hiring decisions—skills that are the building blocks all occupations are based on. In addition to reading assignments, students will use self-reflection, solve problems through case studies, complete research and practices skills.

      36 hours of workshops calculated within this course include the following topics:

      • Handling Difficult Situations*
      • Writing Skills
      • Professionalism for Life and Career Success
      • Stress Management
      • Team Building and Conflict Resolution
      • The Art of Communication
      • Professional Email Etiquette

      Course Code: SEC-100
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 106

    • Cultural essentials

      Cultural Essentials refers directly to the workplace experience and the values, attitudes and cultures that are common throughout places of work in Canada.

      This course is designed to identify specific soft skills that a new employee needs in order to successfully adapt to Canadian workplace cultures. The skills presented in this course relate to the attitudes, skills and knowledge essential for success in any industry.

      14 hours of workshops calculated within this course include the following topics:

      • Ethical Decision Making
      • Cultural Considerations
      • Generations in the Workplace
      • Respectful Workplaces

      Course Code: SEC-110
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 88

    • Introduction to Microsoft Office

      This is an intensive course that combines introduction and intermediate Microsoft (MS) Office applications and keyboarding. Students will learn to navigate Word, Excel and Outlook and integrate the features, functions, and time-saving shortcuts for each application. Students will practice formatting business documents (forms, reports, emails, spreadsheets and charts) and practice proofreading and document collaboration tools. Students will also have an opportunity to practice and build on their keyboarding skills during this course.

      Course Code: SEC-120
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 100

    • Sales training

      This course will provide students the knowledge and practical tools to sell to the public in most industries and organizations. Students will gain confidence by learning proven techniques that address multiple scenarios when interacting with customers. Although specific occupations such as event coordinator, front desk and retail sales will be highlighted, students will recognize that all occupations require some level of this highly transferable and critical skill set.

      Course Code: SEC-130
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 40

    • Event coordinator

      An event coordinator reports to and assists the event manager in a range of activities involved in preparing for, implementing and following up an event. Specific activities vary with the type and size of an event and may include research and planning, risk management, financial management, human resources, marketing, event design, site management, reporting and evaluation.

      21 hours of workshops calculated within this course include the following topics:

      • Networking
      • Negotiation
      • Facebook for Business
      • Instagram for Business
      • Time Management
      • Presentation Skills

      *Students who successfully complete the above workshop/course will receive an additional industry recognized certificate.

      Course Code: SEC-140
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 104

    • Front desk clerk

      Front Desk Clerks work directly with the public, the hospitality industry being one example. These professionals are often the first impression that a new client has with the organization.

      In this course, students will be taught client services in reference to the hospitality industry. For example, how to provide guest services, work in a reception areas of hotels, motels, resorts and other businesses or facilities. The position is challenging, varied and offers the opportunity to work flexible hours.

      21 hours of workshops calculated within this course include the following topics:

      • Manitoba Ambassador Program
      • Assertiveness in the Workplace
      • Professional Telephone Skills
      • Serving the Diverse Customer

      Course Code: SEC-150
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 96

    • Budgeting

      In this course, students will learn how to plan, procure, implement and present a realistic and comprehensive budget with the needs of the client and organization in mind. Students will practice concepts such as estimation, risk management and ethical decision making based on case studies. Students are also introduced to basic financial concepts and terminology and how they relate when preparing an effective budget.

      Course Code: SEC-160
      Course Requirements: Introduction to Microsoft Office

      Hours: 64

    • Career development

      This course will provide students with the knowledge and tools to create cover letters, resumes, portfolios specific to a job description and organization. Students will increase their confidence for future job interviews by equipping them with skills, strategies, and in-class practice.

      Course Code: SEC-170
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 40

    • Introduction to entrepreneurship seminar

      This practical seminar introduces students to the relevant aspects of setting up a small business, with emphasis on the business plan. Students will learn the personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur as well as how to identify if the business is viable.

      Course Code: SEC-185
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 20

    • Industry certification seminar

      Students who successfully complete the following seminars not only pass the course but can also include industry recognized certificates to their resume and/or LinkedIn portfolio:

      • Winnipeg Ambassador
      • Manitoba Service Excellence
      • Clean It Right
      • Emergency First Aid Level C & Level 1 AED
      • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

      Course Code: SEC-195
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 22

    • Bridge to employment work practicum

      During this four-week practicum, students are provided the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to meet the expectations of an employer in a real work situation. Students will observe and learn the daily routines and tasks organizational staff are responsible for. Students will assist the host employer by progressing to perform these tasks as an unpaid team-member of their workplace.

      Course Code: SEC-200
      Course Requirements: Job skills development,Cultural essentials,Introduction to Microsoft Office,Sales training,Event coordinator,Front desk clerk,Budgeting,Career development,Introduction to entrepreneurship seminar,Industry certification seminar

      Hours: 120

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