Construction Labourer Certificate

Construction Labourer Certificate

  • Specialization: Construction Labourer Certificate
    • Construction Fundamentals

      This course is an introduction to the building process, with an emphasis on project-based learning. Topics include an introduction to safety, employability skills, career development, sustainability, and new and emerging technologies in building construction.

      Course Code: CLC-010
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 120

    • Framing Fundamentals

      This course introduces the framing process for wall and roof construction. Topics include wall, window, and door layout, assembly, and erection, basic roof calculations, layout, assembly, and installation; and wall and roof sheathing.

      Course Code: CLC-020
      Course Requirements: Construction Fundamentals

      Hours: 120

    • Indigenous Focused Trades Math

      Indigenous peoples have always utilized mathematical concepts in everyday life, in a very pragmatic way. Topics will include math concepts such as precision measurement while building structures, probability while playing games of chance, and shape and space concepts while making crafts and tools such as birch bark baskets. This course bridges Indigenous culture with current mathematical thinking by integrating Indigenous cultural activities into the math curriculum.

      Course Code: CLC-040
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 55

    • Work Skills for Construction

      This course enables students to demonstrate employability skills, such as adaptability, communication, collaboration, initiative, problem solving, and professionalism, to potential employers.

      Students will reflect on how to practice and improve these skills, while completing activities designed to identify areas for improvement. Students will also practice conducting an employment search, and writing a resume and cover letter to prepare for employment after graduation.

      Course Code: CLC-030
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 75

    • Construction Labourer Work Practicum

      The work practicum is the capstone component of this program and an integral pathway to transition students from the MITT learning environment to the workplace. Practicum is the work integrated learning component of MITT technical training. It offers students the opportunity to gain industry-relevant experience and to build on their technical skills while increasing confidence, employability, and job readiness.

      Course Code: CLC-050
      Course Requirements: Construction Fundamentals,Framing Fundamentals,Indigenous Focused Trades Math,Work Skills for Construction

      Hours: 100

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