Client Service Specialist

Client Service Specialist

Career Information

Program outcomes

The goal of the Client Service Specialist program is to equip students with transferable skills required for front-line employment opportunities in multiple industry sectors. Students will be provided with the tools and techniques to provide excellent customer service as required when interacting with clients in todays workplace.

Employment and advancement

Graduates of the Client Service Specialist program may first gain employment in entry level positions or higher depending on their previous work experience. We encourage graduates of this new program to apply for a variety of client focused positions which can include most industries including retail and hospitality. Graduates can also apply for administrative assistant positions where their knowledge of Microsoft Office and Event Coordination would be valued.

With additional years of experience, employees can become managers in an office, retail store or hotel. For this reason, the Introduction to Human Resources course was added to the program in order to be prepared for the level responsibility required when supervising staff.


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Are Employers Hiring?

It is good to get into the habit of checking the hiring demand fairly frequently. The need for workers is dependent on many things such as the international market in which conditions can change quickly. The most up-to-date information is usually specific job ads which can give you a sense of the current hiring need.

Specific jobs ads:

The next thing to research is the longer term trends by region.

Manitoba trends:

Labour market demand

According to the Manitoba Labour Market Occupational Forecasts 2019-2025, the occupation group with the highest number of projected job openings is  sales and service at 32,000 or 20.2 percent of the total job openings outlook. This is followed by business, finance and administration occupations at 24,800 or 15.6 percent. The national occupation code 6552 (Customer Service Clerk), indicates that the local employment outlook for the next 3 years is ‘good’ (good being the highest rating for NOC code classifications). Employment growth will lead to several new positions and others will become available due to retirements. The average wage in Manitoba is $15.33. Based on the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program list of high demand occupations in Manitoba, the following occupations connect to the Client Service Specialist Certificate

  • Administrative Officers (Code 1221)
  • Administrative Assistants (Code 1241)

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