Industry Collaboration for Micro-Credentials

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Like our full programs, our micro-credentials are industry driven.

In coordination with our Industry Advisory Council and partners across multiple sectors, micro-credentials are given a thorough quality assurance assessment before being opened for registration.

Working with industry drives our micro-credentials forward and determines their format:

  1. Open to the public – Designated micro-credentials are based on expressed needs by industry bodies such as associations. In these cases, officials provide the platform for any individual to engage in; or
  2. Privately for a company – These micro-credentials come at the request of a private or public sector operation and are designed to enhance their employees’ skill sets.

In either format, MITT works with the requesting body to determine the curriculum for the micro-credential, finds the best instructor suitable for the opportunity, determines whether the program will be hosted at one of MITT’s campuses or on location, and executes our custom micro-credential.  

At the end of the program, all graduates receive their micro-certificate acknowledging their completion of our program.

How Industry and MITT contributes to a successful Micro-Credential

Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)

Every micro-credential at MITT is subject to a robust and rigorous, industry-led quality assurance process, including assessment and endorsement by our Industry Advisory Council, which represents Manitoba’s diverse industry sectors.

Council membership includes:

  • Jack Winram, Manitoba Environmental Industry Association
  • Shannon Fontaine, Manitoba Tourism Education Council
  • Carol Paul, Manitoba Construction Sector Council
  • Andrea Aiello, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Adam Smoluk, Film Training Manitoba
  • Louie Ghiz, New Media Manitoba
  • Rick Reid, Supply Chain Canada, Manitoba
  • Barb Bowen, Manitoba Aerospace

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