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MITT works with employers throughout Manitoba on workforce development solutions every day. Micro-credentials provide even greater opportunity for industry/post-secondary partnerships that deliver the exact training solution your organization needs, when you need it.

Customized Micro-Credentials

Creating a Micro-credential requires planning and MITT is with you every step of the way. Our micro-credential development team provides you with advice and analysis from conception to classroom.

The steps to create your custom micro-credential include determining:

Focus – Look at the particular skill(s) you want to enhance in your staff.

Logistics – Determine factors such as:

  • Whether learning is online or in-person at one of our campuses or blended.
  • The proper tools or other implements required for the practical work experience are in place.

Format – Decide if your micro-credential will be single or multiple classes and courses. The focus of your micro-credential will help determine its format.

Instruction – Select the leader of your micro-credential training, either staff from your company, an MITT employee, or a third party.

Registration – Choose whether your office (human resources or other leadership) or our Lifelong Learning team will manage this important process.

Promotion – Inform your staff about a new micro-credential opportunity. MITT can help you get the word out!

Fees – Establish the micro-credential registration fees with help MITT. This includes tuition and material/technology costs.

Contact to explore micro-certificate opportunities with MITT or complete the form below.

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