Micro-credentials explained

Micro-credentials comprise a broad category of college-accredited, short-duration training opportunities that are industry driven and focused on skill development.

Post-secondary institutions are moving towards micro-credentialing because they provide a rapid and effective respond to labour market supply and demand needs—especially those driven by current economic realities or uncertainties—while at the same time maintaining education standards: students must acquire and demonstrate the skill they are taught. Micro-credentials can also be stacked into new or existing credentials.

How industry collaboration drives micro-credential development at MITT

Micro-credentials provide greater opportunity for industry and post-secondary partnership, which is a hallmark of MITT’s approach to career-oriented learning.

Every one of our micro-credentials is subject to a robust and rigorous, industry-led quality assurance process, including assessment and endorsement by our Industry Advisory Council, which represents Manitoba’s diverse industry sectors.

Council membership includes:

  • Jack Winram, Manitoba Environmental Industry Association
  • Shannon Fontaine, Manitoba Tourism Education Council
  • Carol Paul, Manitoba Construction Sector Council
  • Andrea Aiello, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Adam Smoluk, Film Training Manitoba
  • Louie Ghiz, New Media Manitoba
  • Rick Reid, Supply Chain Canada, Manitoba

Why micro-credentials are a great option for a variety of learners

Micro-credentials are ideal for learners who:

  • Lack the time for a traditional credential.
  • Need flexible program options.
  • Are building on an existing skill-set to further their career (this is especially true in the post-baccalaureate market).
  • Already have skills they need validated by an external source.
  • Are developing entry-level skills where they do not yet need broad knowledge/experience.

Learn more about micro-credentials at MITT

Contact Lifelong Learning at LifeLongLearning@mitt.ca to learn more about developing a micro-credential for your business or industry need, or our micro-credential training opportunities.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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