Industrial Welding

Industrial Welding

  • Specialization: Industrial Welding
    • Introduction to Welding Technology

      In this course, students are introduced to welding technology, including oxy-acetylene welding, brazing, and cutting, with an emphasis on hands-on welding activities. Participants will gain knowledge in oxy-acetylene safety, WHMIS training, Trade Safety Awareness, and will practice the safe use of hand tools, fasteners, and power metal-working equipment.

      Course Code: IW-200
      Course Requirements: None

      Hours: 110

    • Basic SMAW (Arc) Procedures

      Students study Arc welding safety, power sources, electrode characteristics, and weld joint design. Basic Arc welding is performed in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions using various electrodes.

      Course Code: IW-210
      Course Requirements: Introduction to Welding Technology

      Hours: 110

    • Metal Design/Fabrication & Oxy-Acetylene Procedures

      Students will have an opportunity to build a variety of projects, including a steel fire pit, using various welding and cutting processes in order to enhance their layout and fitting skills with hand and power tools.

      Course Code: IW-220
      Course Requirements: Introduction to Welding Technology

      Hours: 110

    • Basic GMAW (MIG) Procedures

      Students set up and operate Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) equipment and perform MIG welding in all positions, which is an essential component for any production welding application. This course also involves project fabrication.

      Course Code: IW-230
      Course Requirements: Introduction to Welding Technology

      Hours: 110

    • Advanced GMAW (MIG) Procedures

      This course involves the welding of specialty materials such as stainless steel and aluminum using the Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) process. Students are taught how to use a variety of welding gasses and consumables used in the manufacturing industry, along with performing more advanced project fabrication.

      Course Code: IW-240
      Course Requirements: Basic GMAW (MIG) Procedures

      Hours: 110

    • Advanced SMAW (Arc) Procedures

      This course includes advanced welding techniques and procedures on fillet and groove welds. Students will gain an understanding of fit up and preparation requirements for various joint designs.

      Course Code: IW-250
      Course Requirements: Basic SMAW (Arc) Procedures

      Hours: 110

    • Advanced Metal Design/Fabrication

      This course involves the study of applied mathematics, blueprint reading, and interpretation of weld symbols. The study of metal properties and the use of specialty welding processes in project design and fabrication are also included.

      Course Code: IW-260
      Course Requirements: Metal Design/Fabrication & Oxy-Acetylene Procedures,Introduction to Welding Technology

      Hours: 110

    • Applied Specialties & Qualifications

      This course involves training for Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification in the flat and horizontal positions with both the GMAW (MIG) and Flux Core Welding (FCW) processes.

      Course Code: IW-270
      Course Requirements: Advanced GMAW (MIG) Procedures,Basic GMAW (MIG) Procedures

      Hours: 110

    • Introduction to TIG

      This course includes safe equipment setup plus identification of proper electrodes and consumables. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) is practiced in flat, horizontal and vertical positions using mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials.

      Course Code: IW-280
      Course Requirements: Basic GMAW (MIG) Procedures,Metal Design/Fabrication & Oxy-Acetylene Procedures,Basic SMAW (Arc) Procedures,Introduction to Welding Technology

      Hours: 80

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