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Micro-credentials  give you the education and skills you need to advance your career. We have designed each Micro-credential in close consultation with our industry partners and advisory council, providing a thoroughly-reviewed program that will give you the strongest skillset upon completion.

Advantages of micro-credentials


Industry driven

Every Micro-Credential we offer is developed in collaboration with our industry partners and vetted by our industry advisory council to ensure they meet the same standards we set for all our post-secondary programs. This is your guarantee that the skills you acquire through an MITT Micro-Certificate are the ones employers demand, and recognize. This process is ongoing, allowing our Micro-Certificates to keep pace with the evolving demands of industry.


Focused on skill development

Our Micro-Certificates provide you an intensive approach to skill development in a particular area. Upon completion, you are fully accredited in this new skill, just as you would be if you completed any of our post-secondary programs


A blend of theory and practice

Industry-recognized instructors—from MITT or other third parties—are available to help you sharpen your skills through a blend of theory and hands-on learning. From there, you take your new skill into the field. To earn your MITT Micro-Certificate, you must pass your course work as well as demonstrate skill competency.


Approved by governance process

Every Micro-Credential goes through a rigorous process to ensure the training you receive is top-of-the-line for your industry.



MITT Micro-Credentials/Certificates aren’t one and done. You can continue to build your skillset by earning qualifications in multiple areas relevant to your industry.

Micro-credentials are ideal for learners who:

  • Lack the time for a traditional credential (certificate or diploma)
  • Need flexible program options
  • Are building on an existing skill set to further their career
  • Already have skills they need validated by an external source
  • Are developing entry-level skills where they do not yet need broad knowledge or experience
  • Want to ease their way into post-secondary education and build their confidence in learning as they go

Want to learn more about micro-credentials at MITT? Contact lifelonglearning@mitt.ca for more information.

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Create micro-credentials with MITT

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Industry collaboration

Partners in various Manitoba industry sectors help us build micro-credentials.

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