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Here are a list of frequent information requested by prospective international students. If you have further questions, please email us at

How do I apply to MITT?

An application can be submitted online for any MITT program at Information on how to submit an application for an international student can be found here.

What is the application fee?

Please refer to our How to apply page for the most up to date application fee for various programs.

How many program applications can I submit?

Applicants are allowed one active application with MITT at any given point in time with up to two post-secondary program selections. If applying to two post-secondary programs, both program selections must be made in the same application session. Once an application is submitted, a second program cannot be added to that application (even if only one program was initially selected). If you wish to be considered for two programs, you must select both programs prior to submitting your application.

What is the specific document requirement for my country?

Applicants who have been educated outside of Canada should review the general admission requirements for their country on our How to Apply webpage.

What documents do I need to apply?

Applicants can review the document requirements on our How to Apply webpage.

The quickest method to submit your documents for initial assessment is to upload them to your online application. However, if you are unable to do so, you can post/courier your document to:

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
Admissions Office
7 Fultz Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3Y 1G4

Applications will not be processed until all required documents have been submitted. Applications that remain incomplete for 30 days or more after missing documentation has been requested will be cancelled with no refund of the non-refundable/non-transferable application fee.

Official academic documents must be submitted for verification at least 30 days prior to the start of your program.

Please note that your application form, transcripts/mark sheets, and other documentation submitted become the property of the MITT and will not be returned.

Should I submit my post-secondary transcript if I have attended or still attending a post-secondary institution?

Yes. Although, we do not use post-secondary transcripts as the basis of admission for regular certificate and diploma programs, applicants must still be in good academic standing at all previous or current post-secondary institutions in order to be considered for admission.

If a high school grade is missing, can you accept grades from my post-secondary transcript?

If you are missing a required high school course (Mathematics, for example), we may look at your post-secondary studies to see if you have a course that meets the requirement for admission. In all cases, we require transcripts that are up-to-date.

If you are considering upgrading your academics to complete missing high school requirements, one of the following options may be for you:

What is an up-to-date transcript?

EXAMPLE 1: A student declares they studied from September 2018 to April 2020.

What to provide? A transcript issued after April 2020.

EXAMPLE 2: A student declares they began their post-secondary studies in September 2019, but withdrew in November 2019 and did not complete any course work.

What to provide? Either a) A transcript dated after November 2019 or b) a letter form the institution stating that the student withdrew and does not have any courses/grades to report on.

EXAMPLE 3: A student declares they were admitted to a post-secondary institution, but never actually attended/did not register for any courses.

What to provide? Either a) Written confirmation from the institution that the student never attended or b) a written declaration from the student declaring that they did not register in or attend any classes.

EXAMPLE 4: A student declares they began their post-secondary studies in September 2019 and they are still studying as of the date they apply to MITT.

What to provide? A transcript that includes all completed course work up to the last semester (if they applied today (Oct 29, 2020), we would require a transcript for at least September 2019 through to September 2020).

Once a student finishes their studies, they are required (as a condition of their admission) to provide a final transcript showing all final grades.

Can I transfer my application to another program?

Due to strict MITT admissions policy applications are not transferrable between programs, program sections (i.e. day to evening) or intakes. If you are interested in another program or a different intake, a new application must be submitted online along with the new application fee.

Can I meet with the MITT International Recruitment Team before I submit an application?

The international Recruitment Team hosts a bi-weekly MITT International Cafe webinar to meet with a small group of prospective international students to provide program advice and answer any questions you may have.

MITT has a team of regional recruitment specialists to support prospective students in real time. They are independent consultants under contract with MITT. Connect with our Regional Recruitment Specialists.

For additional support, please contact us by email.

What are the deadlines to apply?

The application deadlines are posted on our apply page.

Please note, some programs fill up quickly and we recommend that students apply well in advance of the application deadline. In order to manage limited seats, application processing volumes and timelines, MITT accepts a finite number of applications per program. Applications may close in advance of the dates listed. Once a program has reached its target, the application for that program will close. Applications received will be assessed and if seats remain available, the program will re-open.

How long does it take for me to get an offer letter after applying?

After submitting an application, the Admissions will review the application and the supporting documents. The processing duration may take 6 to 12 weeks (about 3 months) due to a high volume of applications.

Many of MITT’s programs are competitive and we consistently receive more applications than available seats. Due to heavy demand, meeting the admissions requirements and having a complete application does not guarantee admission.

If a seat is available, eligible applicants will receive an offer of admission via email. The application status hub will also be updated to show the status if a seat becomes available.

How do I check the status of my admissions application?

While your application is being processed, it will be assigned a processing status. You can login to your application status hub anytime to check the status of your application. Below is a list of processing statuses and what these statuses mean:

Tap and drag table to view more

Processing Status Status Description
Received The application has been received and is queued for processing
Processing The application is being processed by Admissions
Action Required The application requires applicant attention (refer to email and documents tab)
Updated – Pending Verification An update has been received by the applicant. Application is now pending review by Admissions.
Processing Complete All information required to assess the application and make an admission decision has been received
Processing Terminated The application has been withdrawn prior to an admission

If your application is missing any required documents, you will be sent a notification via email and given 30 days to submit the outstanding items. Outstanding documents must be uploaded to your application status hub (we do not accept documents via email).

MITT prioritizes and will only process complete applications. An application is considered complete once all required information and original document scans have been received in the required format.

What happens if my application is waitlisted?

If your program of choice is full, you will be placed on a waitlist until the start of the program. If a space does not become available by the start of the program you applied to, you may need to re-apply for a future intake.

Does MITT offer student residences?

MITT do not have the student residences. MITT is located at a safe neighbourhood in Southern Winnipeg. Students can refer to the resources here on how to find accommodation.

How do I find accommodation?

Renting resources (not limited to the following). You can use MITT locations in this page to find a nearby accommodations:

Which campus will my classes be located/take place?

Check out the programs listed by campus [PDF] chart as well as campus maps for Fultz [PDF], Henlow [PDF], and Pembina [PDF].

Does MITT offer career services to international students?

At MITT, career development is part of your program. Students receive training on the skills needed to successfully transition to the job they want. More information can be found on our Career and Employment Services webpage

Can I meet with a Career Advisor?

You can contact the Student Services Team at 204-989-6512 or email for the Career Services drop-in schedule.

Can you share previous student success stories?

You can find the international alumni and student success stories here. Or, visit this page for why students choose Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Are there any childcare facilities available at MITT?

MITT students can apply for the Daycare Facility located at the Pembina Campus (1551 Pembina Highway).

Currently, there are limited spots available for MITT students. They only accept children from the ages of 2 years old and up. Their hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. More information can be found at their webpage here – Fort Gary Childcare Center Co-op Inc.

If you have any further questions, please contact 204-453-7600 or email them at

Can I transfer my previous education credits to MITT programs?

Requests for transfer credit are accepted up to 30 days prior to the program start date. More information on transfer credit can be found on the Recognition of Prior Learning section of our website.

Credit Transfer will only be considered for a student who has been admitted to a program, i.e. a student who has accepted an Offer of Admission and has paid an admission deposit. Credit Transfer must be requested using the appropriate form 30 days before the start of the program. Students interested in requesting Credit Transfer are expected to read the Credit Transfer Policy.

Can I study English at MITT’S English Language Institute to meet the English language proficiency for my program?

Yes, the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at MITT’s English Language Institute is a proven pathway international student reach their language proficiency needs for admission to MITT progams.

Most of MITT's academic programs require completion of Level 4 or Level 5 of the EAP program in order to meet English Language Proficiency requirments

What is the application fee for the English for Academic Purposes program?

Please refer to our English language Institute webpage for the up to date information on the application fee.

How many levels do you teach?

We teach 5 different levels:

  • Level 1 – Beginner
  • Level 2 – Pre-Intermediate
  • Level 3 – Intermediate
  • Level 4 – Advanced
  • Level 5 – Advanced Academic Skills

Can I apply if I have never taken an English proficiency test (like an IELTS or a TOEFL) before?

Yes, you can. If you apply without having taken an English proficiency test, the English Language Institute will schedule you to take an on-line placement test. The results of the placement test will determine which level you will be in.

What are the fees? Do I have to pay them all at once?

Detailed information on EAP fees can be found on the English Language Institutes webpage.

How do you know which level I would be in? Do I have to start at level 1? 

We can determine which level you would start in by looking at your English proficiency test that you provide when you apply for the program, or from an on-line placement test that you do with us. 

For more information, please contact ELI team at

When do I get my Letter of Acceptance (LOA)?

You receive your LOA after you have paid the required seat deposits.

When do I get my Confirmation of Enrolment letter?

You receive that within the first week of each level. You will receive a new Confirmation of Enrolment letter for each level (term).

Is the class online or in person right now?

Please visit the English Language Institute wepage for current program delivery information.

Do I need a study permit to apply for the English Program?

A study permit is not required for study up to 6 months. If you have any other questions, we do have an Immigration Services Advisor at MITT. You can email her at

Do I need to provide my high school certificate? I didn’t take anything after high school, can I still apply for the English program?

If you are applying to the English program only (not with a post-secondary program), then a high school transcript or certificate is not needed.

How do I apply? Do I need to apply online or come down in person? Can you give me an application?

You need to apply online through our website and not in person. The link to apply is: Apply | Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (

When is the last date I can apply to the English program?

We accept applications up until the day before the term starts. For last minute applications (for example — less than one week before the start of the program), please send the application reference number that you receive when you submit your application to in order to expedite the processing of the application.

Do I need to provide an English language proficiency test to apply for programs?

Detailed information on English Language proficiency requirements and accepted methods for meeting English Language proficiency can be found on our English Language Proficiency webpage.

What are the deadline dates to pay the tuition fee?

Please refer to the Fee payment page for information on accepted methods to pay your fees, deadline dates, and information about paying tuition and fees in installments.

What are the international student program fees?

Tuition fees are charged on a program basis, not per course. Tuition is due approximately two months prior to the start of the program, on the dates specified on the Fee Payment page. More information on tuition and fees can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

Is there a payment plan for international student fees?

Check out the Fee Payment page for installment amounts and ways to pay your fees.

What are the payment methods for international students within and outside Canada?

Available payment methods can be found here payment methods.

Are my fees refundable?

Please refer to our Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refunds webpage for more information.

Is the tuition fee refundable if my visa or study permit application is rejected?

Only the application fee and a $100.00 CAD administration fee will be charged if the applicant is denied a study permit. A rejection document from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate and a completed withdrawal form are required no later than 6 weeks after the date of rejection by the IRCC. Withdrawal requests due to visa rejections must be received prior to the start of the program or the regular refund schedule will apply. Please refer to our Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refunds webpage for more information.

When does my coverage start and end?

Enrolment in the insurance plan is based on your period of attendance. Coverage does not begin until you arrive in Canada.

Your insurance card will include your policy number, the start date and the end date of your coverage. will email students a reminder approximately 30 days before their coverage end date. Instructions for purchasing insurance directly through will also be included. Make sure your email address is updated in the Student Portal. For post-secondary and post-graduate students in 1-year programs:

Coverage 1 year
Coverage dates vary according to program


Exact coverage dates will be sent via an International Student Health Insurance email prior to program start.

Students attending 2-year programs will pay for their first year of insurance coverage with the first tuition payment for Year 1, and will pay for their second year of insurance coverage with the first tuition payment for Year 2.

These details may be different for students receiving program extensions or re-applying for admission in order to complete missing program requirements.

Students who start their program online from their home country can request a delayed enrolment in the @ Manitoba plan by submitting a complete Study Abroad - Opt Out Request Form [PDF]. The form must be submitted before the end of the first week of classes.

For ELI students:

The coverage periods for English Language Institute students vary depending on the length of the program.

Levels Coverage*
Foundations - Level 3 6 months of coverage
Level 4 or Level 5 3 months of coverage

*Coverage dates may be longer than 3 or 6 months due to scheduled breaks (i.e. winter break, spring break) and/or gaps between an English Language Institute program and an MITT post-secondary program in order to ensure continuous coverage in the international student health insurance plan.

We strive to provide continuous coverage during a student’s enrolment with MITT; however, it is a student’s responsibility to pay attention to coverage dates and purchase additional coverage during any breaks in coverage.  Additional coverage can be purchased through

What does this plan include/cover?

The @ Manitoba plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan.  This plan provides you with coverage that is very close to what all Manitoba residents receive through Manitoba Health.

Please carefully consider the following information as you make decisions about what level of care is best for your health and wellbeing. The @ Manitoba plan provides you with access to medical services for:

Routine health care needs (annual exam/physical, cold, flu, etc.)

Existing, chronic or new illnesses (diabetes, pregnancy, etc.)

Serious illness (sudden and severe sickness, food poisoning, etc.)

Emergency incidents and accidents (broken bones, cuts needing stitches, heart attack, etc.)

NOTE: International students are eligible to receive the flu vaccine free-of-charge.

You can continue your routine care and monitoring of existing and chronic conditions by making appointments at a clinic or with a family doctor. You are also covered for new illness or injury and may visit a clinic, a family doctor, or hospital to receive care.

Please note that, just like Manitoba residents, you should purchase additional coverage when travelling outside of Canada. You may want to purchase additional coverage when travelling outside of Manitoba. This plan does not provide you with coverage in your home country.

The full policy details about this plan are available on the website - you will need your policy number to access the documents

When will I get my insurance card?

MITT students will be registered in the @ Manitoba plan automatically close to the program start date.

You are still covered by the plan as of the first day indicated in the International Student Health Insurance email.

After you have been registered in the plan, will send an email with detailed instructions to access your online account, your insurance card/claim form. You may print this card/claim form to keep in your wallet or purse, and/or download it and keep a copy of it on your phone or computer.

Important note: will email you using the email address we have in the MITT Student Portal, so it is important that this information is correct. Log in to your Student Portal today to view the information we have on record and update it if needed.

What if I arrive before this coverage begins?

You may buy additional coverage directly through the website. Use the "Early Arrivals" link to do this. It is best to have your policy number for the @ Manitoba plan before purchasing early arrival coverage.

Note: This will be a different insurance plan than the one offered through MITT. Please indicate when your MITT coverage will start when purchasing this coverage.

What is the cost for this plan?

The cost for students up to 64 years of age is $2.50 per day, and is non-refundable.

The cost for students 65 - 74 years of age is $5.50 per day, and is non-refundable.

MITT is automatically charging all international students for an individual-coverage plan.

How do I access medical care?

There are a few ways to find the right service provider for you.

mobileDOCTOR (a service)

Students with have access to mobileDOCTOR to talk to a doctor/or nurse, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The doctor or nurse has the knowledge to provide answers over the phone to health questions, guide students to the care they need, and if needed write prescriptions.

  • Fast – nurses and doctors are available day and night
  • Flexible – the right advice and care at the right time
  • Friendly – the health care team ensures students feel at ease by providing expert advice and support
  • Unsure about whether you should go to a clinic or Emergency?

How to use mobileDOCTOR

  • Contact Assistance Line (number on back of card) or visit me/mobiledoctorto create your account
  • Give your policy ID & a brief description of issue
  • The Assistance professionals will determine if Mobile Doctor is right for you and how to direct your concern
  • If necessary, a licensed Nurse or Doctor will call you back 20 min later

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority websites:
Use this website to determine and find the right care, depending on your needs.
Use this website and contact information to speak to a nurse, find service, view Emergency Department and Urgent Care wait times, and to find a doctor
Use this website to help you find a clinic based on your location. Some clinics bill directly to

What if I already have insurance?

Students with valid Manitoba Health coverage may request not to participate in the @ Manitoba plan.

To do this, please complete the Opt-Out Form [PDF].

Please follow the instructions on the form and submit the form and required documents to 7 Fultz Blvd. or by the required deadline

Alternative plans will not be considered, and cannot be used to request not to participate in this plan.

Where can I get more information?

Please email with your, student ID number, full name, program, date of birth, updated email address and your questions.

You may visit the website for answers to frequently asked questions, and to contact directly.

Am I eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) after graduating from MITT programs?

To learn more about applying to PGWP, visit this page:

How do I immigrate to Canada after graduating from MITT?

There are a several immigration pathways to international students who are graduating from a Canadian post-secondary institution. Please check the link below to learn more.

Do you have Immigration Service Advisor?

MITT's Immigration Services Advisor is available for one-on-one online consultation for applicants and current students. Find out how to schedule an appointment here.

I am a EAP student at MITT’s English Language Institute and I need a visa for my spouse. What application do I need?

As per the updated IRCC policy, a spouse of an ELI student would not be eligible to apply for a spouse work permit, since EAP is not a post-graduate work permit eligible program. Their spouse may still accompany the ELI student to Canada with a visitor visa. Their spouse will have an opportunity to apply for a spouse work permit AFTER the ELI student starts a post-secondary or PG program at MITT. Contact IRCC for details or contact MITT’s Immigration Services Advisor at

Where can I see MITT program listing?

MITT offers up to 30 post-secondary and post-graduate certificate and diploma programs to learners looking to start or continue their career training or education. Our strong industry relationships enable us to develop programs that teach in-demand skills, including work practicum placements, and position our students for successful employment upon graduation. Programs offered can be found here.

Where can I see available programs?

Applicants can check current program availability for full time certificate and diploma programs anytime on the main application page. An applicant account is not required (scroll to the bottom of the page to search program availability).

Program availability for MITT's Lifelong Learning programs and Micro credentials can be found here.

How do I choose a program that fits my career goals?

As an institution dedicated for student success, we recommend you to find a program that fits your career goals. Check out the resources on the Career Development Services page.

I will travel to Canada soon. I heard I must quarantine once I arrive in Canada. What should I prepare for quarantine and my travel to Canada?

Please refer to the document checklist at

Send your 14-day quarantine plan to MITT Pre-Arrival Help Line at (print and complete this form [PDF])

Is MITT on the list of approved DLIs with a COVID-19 readiness plan?

Yes, On October 21, 2020, MITT has been posted on the list of approved DLIs with a COVID-19 readiness plan.

What apps must I download if I plan to travel to Canada?

Download the ArriveCAN app to your mobile phone and enter your personal information up to 48 hours before arriving in Canada. This will speed up your arrival through Immigration Canada at the port of entry, meaning you will spend less time with border and health officers.

Read about entry to Canada here and watch these two videos: entry to Canada and isolation requirements.

Does MITT Provides any Pre-arrival help to International students?

Yes, you can contact MITT Pre-Arrival Help Line at 1-204-989-7342 or email

What is the Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT)?

The Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT) helps applicants determine if they have the mathematical, logical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills necessary to be successful in MITT’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs. The TPAT is similar to other aptitude tests utilized throughout the industry.

The TPAT does not test applicants on prior computer, software, or programming knowledge. Questions include:

  • Analyzing and using written descriptions
  • Formulating concepts
  • Following logic
  • Determining crucial information for problem-solving
  • Discovering and utilizing patterns
  • Math (Grade 12 (40S) or equivalent)

Individuals applying to MITT ICT programs must achieve a qualifying score on the TPAT.

Which programs require the Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT)?

The following programs require a qualifying TPAT test score. Program-specific entrance requirements are available on each program's page.

Can you provide practice questions for the Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT)?

A sample TPAT test is available here. The sample consists of a mini-TPAT with nine practice questions that applicants can complete to get a feel for what the real TPAT will be like and how they may perform. In addition to this sample, applicants are encouraged to review basic math and arithmetic, flow charts, truth tables, and logical reasoning prior to attempting the test. Searching the internet for similar aptitude tests can provide applicants with additional opportunities to practice.

What is the minimum pass mark for the Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT)?

Detailed information on the minimum TPAT score(s) required for admission can be found in the TPAT FAQ.

Can I transfer from one MITT program to another?

MITT offers limited options for students to apply to transfer from one program to another, and change which program they are studying in. For current options, please visit Transferring between programs page.

Is student parking available?

Parking at the campus is maintained and monitored by Impark. At each location there a limited amount of visitor, student, and staff parking. All areas are clearly marked.

How much is the student parking fee?

This area is monitored closely by Impark. Your parking pass MUST be hanging facing out on your rear-view mirror. There is a $25 non-refundable decal fee and a refundable $25 decal deposit for the parking pass which is due at the time of set up. Parking in this area is $25 per month. Registration can be done at, for more instructions see this PDF.

What are the public transit options in Winnipeg?

*You can purchase a transit Peggo Card at MITT one of the MITT campuses.

News and Updates on COVID-19 from MITT’s Registrar’s Office: Please refer to the Registrar’s page for updated information.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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