Minnesota-Manitoba Reciprocity

The province of Manitoba has established a tuition reciprocity agreement with the state of Minnesota (USA). This agreement allows Minnesota residents to pay the same tuition at participating post-secondary institutions as Manitoba residents.

What is Tuition Reciprocity?

Students from Minnesota will pay the same fees as a Canadian student when attending The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology.

Who's Eligible for Tuition Reciprocity Benefits in Manitoba?

If you are a Minnesota resident, you are eligible for reciprocity benefits when you enroll at The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology and submit the required supporting documentation (see below).

What Rate Will I Pay?

Minnesota students who attend The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology will pay domestic tuition fees – the same fees as Manitoba residents. 

Annual tuition fees vary and are subject to change. To determine exact tuition fees, Minnesota students should contact enrolment@mitt.ca .

How Do I Take Advantage of the Tuition Reciprocity?

1. Apply for admission at www.mitt.ca/apply. You will identify yourself as an international applicant and pay the international application fee.

2. Submit Additional Documentation. Along with your application form you will be asked to submit required documents such as official transcripts. A full list of required documents can be found at http://mitt.ca/apply/international-student-application .

You will also be asked to submit official government proof that you are a resident of Minnesota. The following documentation is required from students to qualify for reciprocity status:

A. Proof of filing a Minnesota tax return from the previous year, or if not available, proof of a parent or guardians’ filing a Minnesota tax return from the previous year.


B. One of the following:

  • A copy of your Minnesota driver’s license or state I.D.
  • A copy of your Minnesota voters registration
  • Copies of both sides of your visa
  • A copy of your DD214 from the Department of Defense
  • A copy of your military dependent I.D.

3. In order to make sure we capture your status correctly, please contact us at enrolment@mitt.ca once you have applied online to confirm your participation in the tuition reciprocity agreement.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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