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About the MITT English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) provides international students looking to develop English language proficiency skills with a welcoming, friendly, and supportive learning environment in a Canadian post-secondary setting. Experienced staff are there to guide students through their studies and help them move confidently into the next phase of their academic journey.

ELI delivers the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, which allows international students to achieve the English language proficiency requirements needed for post-secondary admission to MITT.

All courses include a range of opportunities to enhance language learning through the ELI Experience Zone.

English Language Institute (ELI) programming updates:

Beginning January 2, 2024, three levels of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will be offered:

  • Intermediate (Level 3)
  • Advanced (Level 4)
  • Advanced Academic (Level 5)

Students who do not place in our Intermediate level can register for entry-level English programming with our trusted local pathway partner, Heartland International English School.

Classes will now only be offered in-person Monday to Thursday at Scurfield Campus and online on Fridays. This structure offers students flexibility and self-directed study time, ensuring the best possible educational experience.

Entrance Requirements, Tuition and Fees

Students who apply for the EAP program without proof of English language proficiency (ELP) must complete an Oxford online placement test and an in-house ELI speaking test.

EAP applicants must obtain a minimum score for placement into Level 3 (Intermediate). Applicants should be mindful of this when applying, as the application fee, which includes the cost of the placement test, is non-refundable.

For ELP scores and EAP Level equivalencies chart click here.

Apply now to the EAP program

Start Date Duration
January 2, 2024 6 weeks
February 12, 2024 6 weeks
April 1, 2024 6 weeks
May 13, 2024 6 weeks
July 2, 2024 6 weeks
September 4, 2024 6 weeks
October 21, 2024 6 weeks
January 6, 2025 6 weeks
February 18, 2025 6 weeks
April 7, 2025 6 weeks
May 20, 2025 6 weeks
July 7, 2025 6 weeks


Item Estimated Cost
Tuition per level $4,284 per level
Application fee $100
Health Insurance1 Based on the length of program
Technology fee $60
Awards fee2 $50
1International students are required to purchase health insurance from the plan offered by MITT. The fees charged for health insurance are based on the EAP level. The approximate cost is $2.75/day. Please visit International Student Health Insurance to learn more about the plan offered.
2A mandatory fee of $50 for the MITT Award Fund is charged once during studies at the English Language Institute.


67 Scurfield Boulevard
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 1G4

Telephone: 204 989 7740
Email: eli@mitt.ca

MITT's English Language Institute is accredited by Languages Canada, Canada’s premier language organization. Membership is limited to programs from the public and private sectors that meet the rigorous standards of the association. Languages Canada represents over 225 language education programs and is recognized by the Canadian government and internationally. For more information about Languages Canada, please visit their website at www.languagescanada.ca.

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