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We are here to help you with your international education journey! Send us your inquiries or get in touch with a team member.

To inquire about programs offered for International students and to get specific program information, please visit here:

Our team of Regional Recruitment Specialists: If you are located in any of the regions below, please feel free to contact our regional recruitment specialists directly to inquire about and/or to set up one-on-one consultation)

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Region Regional Recruitment Specialist Email Social Media Brochures
Brazil and Caribbean Breno Costa

Book a meeting @mittbrazil (& Linked In) Visit our brochures page
China and far-east Asia John Lee

Book a meeting N/A Visit our brochures page
Hong Kong Cania Cheung

Book a meeting @MITT.hongkong Visit our brochures page
India and the subcontinent , Mauritius, UAE/Middle East, Africa Hazel Siromoni

Email to book a meeting N/A Visit our brochures page
Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam Erik Nguyen

Book a meeting @mittphilippines
@MITT.Asia (Facebook)
Visit our brochures page
Spanish Speaking Latin America Nayibe Ramirez

Book a meeting @mittlatam Visit our brochures page
South Korea Yeojin Jeon

Book a meeting @mittsouthkorea Visit our brochures page
Other countries MITT International Team

Book a meeting @MITTInternational (& Facebook) Visit our brochures page

MITT has a team of regional recruitment specialists to support prospective students in following regions in real time. They are independent consultants under contract with MITT. If you require further information, please email us at

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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