T2202 Tuition and Education Tax Credit Receipt

Each February, MITT prepares student T2202 tax forms for the previous tax year.

Students may be eligible for the education tax credit for each month of part-time or full-time registration. The T2202 will reflect the number of months of enrolment eligible to be considered as part-time or full-time.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determines the programs eligible for inclusion on a T2202. For more information visit: Eligible Tuition Fees. For information on the amounts that cannot be claimed as tuition fees, click here.

Important notes:

  • This form will be produced using the student information we have on record; students are responsible for updating their contact information in the Student Portal.
  • Students with outstanding tuition may not qualify to receive this form until additional payments are made.
  • Full details concerning the Tuition and Education Tax Credit may be found in the Canada Revenue Agency's Personal Income Tax Guide.
  • If your T2202 is not available in your portal at the end of February, please contact finance@mitt.ca for more information. Be sure to provide your student ID and full name in the email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 - Where do I find my T2202? and when will it be available?

Electronic copies are made available to current and former students through the Student Portal, no later than the end of February. These forms will not be mailed. 

#2 - What if the address on my T2202 is incorrect, do I need a new T2202?

You do not need a new form.  You may use the T2202 information as received even if the address is incorrect. According to CRA, it is not necessary for students to submit the T2202 form with the income tax return, unless CRA requests it.

#3 - Where can I find help logging into my Student Portal?

Click here for Student Portal Help Request.

#4 - I did not enter my SIN into the Student Portal. How do I get a copy of my T2202 with my SIN on it?

Students who previously did not provide their SIN in the Student Portal can login and enter their SIN. To request an updated version of the T2202 tax receipt (with updated SIN on it), a Document Request Form is required. Be sure to include a note on the Document Request Form with a comment (on the form) ‘SIN was missing from the original T2202’.  A fee will be charged.

#5 - Who is eligible to receive a T2202 tax form?

T2202 tax forms are issued to students who:

  • are 16 years of age of older;
  • have paid a minimum of $100 toward tuition fees, in a taxation year;
  • have attended a program for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks and at least 12 hours per month
  • have enrolled in the educational institution to obtain skills for, or improve the student's skills in, an occupation.

Note: Some programs may not be eligible. Contact CRA for further details.

#6 - Why does the amount on my tax receipt not equal to the tuition I paid for the year?

Your tax receipt is based on the dates you attended MITT, and not when you paid your tuition. For example, if you paid in 2021 for classes that started in 2022, you will only receive a T2202 for the 2022 tax year.
If you attended MITT over multiple tax years, your tuition amount is spread over both years based on the number of days/months attended in each year.  You will have a T2202 tax form for each calendar year you attended courses, with a portion of the tuition amount on one form and the balance on the other.

Your application and infrastructure/technology fees are included on the tax receipt in the year that you started your program.

#7 - What fees are eligible to be included in my T2202 tuition amount?

The following fees are included:

  • Tuition fees
  • Infrastructure/technology fees
  • Application fees (only if you later enrol in the institution)
  • Examination fees (some restriction applies)

#8 - The amount on my T2202 is not the same as the dollar amount I paid. Are there amounts that cannot be claimed as tuition fees?

Yes, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a list of amounts that cannot be claimed as tuition fees. For a list, please visit: Amounts which cannot be claimed as tuition fees

#9 - What should I do if I still have questions?

Please contact us by email at finance@mitt.ca. Be sure to provide your student ID and full name in your email.


Updated March 2022

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