Grading scale

A new grading scale has been approved and will be implemented for the academic year beginning July 1, 2016. The new scale will have a positive impact on student GPA calculations.

New Grade Scale
(courses started and completed/attempted after July 1, 2016)
Grade Percentage Grade Points
A+ 90-100% 4.5
A 80-89% 4.0
B+ 75-79% 3.5
B 70-74% 3.0
C+ 65-69% 2.5
C 60-64% 2.0
D 50-59% 1.0
F 0-49% 0.0
Prior Grade Scale
(courses started and completed/attempted prior to July 1, 2016)
Grade Percentage Grade Points Definition of Grade
A 90-100% 4.0 Excellent entry level performance, works independently
B 80-89% 3.0 Very good entry level performance, requires minimal assistance
C 70-79% >2.0 Satisfactory entry level performance, requires occasional assistance
D 50-69% 1.0 Marginal entry level performance, requires frequent assistance
F less than 50% 0.0 Student demonstrated unacceptable performance

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