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Welcome to MITT

Dear students,

We are excited to welcome you (or welcome you back!) to the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)—thank you for choosing us as your career-education provider; we know you will have a wonderful experience with us.

Following changes made by the Province of Manitoba in early August to loosen COVID-19 regulations, we developed a flexible program delivery framework (a blended delivery of on-campus and remote learning) that will support you throughout your learning experience and ensure you receive the exceptional quality of education for which we are known.

We have built our fall 2021 plan based on our successful experiences delivering blended learning throughout the pandemic, and our guiding principle then, as it is now, is the safety of all members of our campus community—students, staff, and visitors alike. We continue to follow the guidance of government and public health authorities; however, MITT, like most public post-secondary institutions in Manitoba and many school divisions, is taking extra measures beyond these recommendations, the details of which are can be found in our COVID-19 Operating Guide.

If you require any further supports prior to the start of school, please email Student Services.

Thank you for your support and cooperation, and welcome to MITT.

Neil Cooke
Vice President, Academic
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Fall 2021 FAQs

What is MITT’s policy around vaccination?
As part of the provincial effort to better protect Manitobans from COVID-19, MITT is implementing a policy that states as a precondition to enter any MITT building, all staff and students over the age of 18, must be fully immunized. Reasonable accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, which accommodations may include remote learning/work, regular testing, modified duties/learning and/or modified hours of attendance, and/or increased personal protective equipment (PPE). Accommodations will be time-limited and will be re-evaluated as needed.

This policy has been developed to align with recent provincial health directives that will ensure the protection of our most vulnerable populations. This policy applies to all MITT campuses, including adult learning centre locations and English language training facilities. MITT policies can be found here.

What is the timeline for staff/students entering MITT facilities to be fully vaccinated?
All staff, and students entering MITT facilities must have their first dose of an approved vaccination by September 22, 2021, and their second dose by October 31, 2021. All other public health measures will continue to be in effect, including the mandatory indoor mask mandate (which took effect on August 28, 2021). International students (in particular those arriving in Canada after these dates) will be advised of their specific timelines and requirements, as necessary. MITT is finalizing the process to collect details from fully immunized staff and students. More information on this will follow, including how to submit the required documentation in advance of the first dose deadline.

What measures are in place for fully vaccinated international travellers to enter Canada for discretionary purposes?
Beginning September 7, 2021, fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be eligible to enter Canada for discretionary (non-essential) reasons, such as tourism; however, these individuals must:

Be fully vaccinated: a traveller must have received, and show proof of, the full series of a vaccine—or combination of vaccines—accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. Currently, those vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

• Have a valid pre-arrival COVID-19 molecular test result taken no more than 72 hours before their scheduled flight or their arrival at the land border crossing, or a previous positive test result taken between 14 and 180 days before departure to Canada. Antigen tests, often called “rapid tests,” are not accepted.

• Be asymptomatic

• Submit their mandatory information via ArriveCAN (App or website), including proof of vaccination in English or French and a quarantine plan

• Be admissible under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and take a test on arrival, if selected.

The Government of Canada continues to advise Canadians to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada—international travel increases your risk of exposure to COVID-19 and its variants, as well as of spreading it to others. It is also important to note that not all countries are allowing discretionary (non-essential) travel by Canadians. Travellers should check the official websites of relevant authorities specific to their destination to find out entry and health requirements and plan prior to their departure from Canada. View the full release from Canada Border Services Agency, here.

Can individuals leave quarantine after 14 days if they are asymptomatic, have followed necessary testing timelines and procedures, but have not yet received a test result?Per the Public Health Agency of Canada: All non-exempt, including unvaccinated, travelers are required to quarantine for 14-full days from their date of arrival into Canada. Travelers are not required to remain in quarantine past 14 days if they have not received the results of their federally approved Day 8 COVID-19 molecular test.

If a student receives a negative test result from the Day 8 test, they must complete their mandatory 14-day quarantine period. After the 14th day of quarantine, they student may leave their place of quarantine.

If a student receives a positive test result for the Day 8 test, they must isolate themselves from others immediately. A PHAC official will call them to provide them with additional instructions.

If a student receives an inconclusive or invalid result for the Day 8 test, they will have to repeat the test. The testing provider will automatically provide them with a new kit; however, PHAC recommends that they contact the testing provider to ensure a kit has been sent.

Travelers are not required to remain in quarantine past 14 days; however, a repeat test is required. If a student has not received a test result they can contact the testing provider:

Switch: or 1 888 966 6531
LifeLabs: or 1 877 313 4982
Dynacare: 1 855 497 1071

What about for secondary students taking technical training at MITT?
MITT will respect the vaccination and testing policies of our partner secondary school divisions, including, but not limited to Pembina Trails School Division and Division scolaire franco-manitobaine (DSFM). MITT will not be mandating minors under our own jurisdiction to be vaccinated to enter MITT facilities; however, we may require those who are not vaccinated to wear increased PPE while on campus. Enhanced PPE will also be available to those who request it, as available.

What do I do if I am a student seeking an accommodation for on-campus learning?
MITT will consider reasonable accommodations for medical and/or documented exemptions on a case-by-case basis. The details regarding regular testing are still being determined and will be shared with staff and students as soon as they become available. Students requesting accommodations for this or any other purpose must contact Student Services. Staff requesting accommodations must speak with their manager and People Services. Once testing details become available, an email will be sent to all staff and students with the process and procedures to provide evidence of testing results.

Since the start of the pandemic, MITT has sought to balance academic integrity, student experience, and business continuity. Going into the fall of 2021, we have balanced online and in-person learning to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of Manitoba’s workforce, affirming our “industry driven, student focused” motto.

As a reminder, Manitoba Public Health strongly recommends all eligible Manitobans over the age of 12 become fully vaccinated. We encourage you to speak to a medical professional if you have not been vaccinated and have additional questions. More information can be found here.

What other protective measures are in place on campus?
All public health orders continue to be in effect. MITT continues with physical distancing, mask requirements, and proper hygiene practices.

As a reminder: 

  • All staff and students must complete a daily screening questionnaire, which can be found here.
  • Additional direction, including cleaning of tools and equipment, will be provided by your instructor.
  • Masks are required by students and staff in the following locations and situations:
  • While students are present in classrooms, labs, student services areas, hallways, lounges, and meeting rooms.
  • In private offices/instructor prep spaces where more than one person is present.
  • In open spaces when you are not seated and you cannot provide sufficient physical distance for passers-by.
  • When any external guests are present.

Masks are optional for students and staff:

  • When people are seated and having food or beverage, however, they must ensure they are physically distanced from others in the space.
  • When you are outdoors, however, we encourage you to keep six feet or more of physical distance between you and others.

What is MITT's plan for on-campus and remote learning
Some of MITT’s Fall 2021 programs will run fully online until January 6, 2022, while others will begin on-campus/blended delivery sooner. Please familiarize yourself with the important dates and academic schedule for your program. Students continuing in Winter and Spring 2021 programs are also encouraged to review these pages for important dates and scheduling updates.

For programs with an on-campus start date in September 2021, we will be offering programming using a hybrid delivery model, blending online/alternate delivery of theory-based learning with face-to-face on-campus delivery of practical hands-on components. Some programs may have more of a phased-in or rotational approach, but you can generally expect that most theory will be taught online. This approach will continue to be assessed against the needs of our students and learning outcomes, balanced with the public health recommendations.

Online learning may be synchronous (attend classes at scheduled times, interacting live with your instructor and classmates) or, if designated, asynchronous (study at your own pace with course deadlines and requirements to guide you).

Where possible, some labs and/or work-integrated learning placements (work practicum) may be delivered in person with strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols. If a program cannot fulfill its work integrated learning or practicum placement requirements due to pandemic restrictions, alternative options may be offered to meet the outcomes of the placement. If alternative options are not available, the placement will be deferred.

I want to connect with a student advisor, what are my options? 
Students who would like to meet with a student advisor may choose between in-person or remote meetings.

What on-campus services will be available?
Information about lockers, student ID, bus passes, parking and campus facilities such as cafeterias and student lounges is available online.

Appointments for lockers, student ID and other services can be booked with a Client Service Representative by email or phone at 204 989 6500.

What are the technology requirements for online learning? 
Please visit MITT’s technology requirements page, which can be found here. If you would like to visit campus to access a computer or printer, please email Student Services for up-to-date information on availability.

Where can I find information specific to my program?
In addition to the important dates and academic schedule details available online, new students received a welcome email from the Registrar’s Office, orientation information from Student Services, and additional program-specific information from instructors as on-campus/blended start dates approach.
Please continue to watch your MITT and primary email account for additional information before and after your program start date. It is the responsibility of each student to check their email daily for updates.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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