Responsive Career Pathways Project

Are you working in Winnipeg and interested in your personal and professional development?

Take part in a ground-breaking project to design and test a career and workforce development service model for working Canadians.

Career and professional development planning is a process that helps individuals live the life they want to live and do the work they enjoy. Individuals often need information, tools, and resources to identify their likes and dislikes, what they value, and their strengths, skills, and abilities as a part of career planning.

The Project

We are designing a program that supports informed decision-making and assists individuals in moving forward in their careers with clarity and confidence.

This reflective work supports continued career growth by helping determine and clarify goals, supports readiness to transition, and allows individuals to see and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

We want community members to be part of building this project.

Your Involvement

As part of this research, we have conducted interviews and are piloting a program to increase our understanding of what working Canadians need to support their career development and advancement.
Currently, we are not actively seeking participants for this project. We encourage you to check back on this webpage for future updates.

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If you're not sure how to take that next step, our Career Services team can help you connect your interests with the right courses to launch a new career. Find salary potential and career pathways for hundreds of careers in Manitoba.

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Several services are offered to assist students in fulfilling their goals at the Institute. Child care, tutor programs, and much more.