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Fall 2020 Post-Graduate Admissions Changes

Review Post-Graduate program admissions requirements on the program pages.

Post-Graduate diploma applicants will be required to submit a resume/CV as part of their application. If this is not submitted, the application will be considered incomplete.

Beginning January 7, 2020, applicants may apply for the following:

  • Business Management (Fall 2020)
  • International Business (Fall 2020)
  • Business Management (Fall 2020) + International Business (Fall 2021)
  • Business Management (Fall 2020) + Global Supply Chain Management (Fall 2021)
  • English for Academic Purposes + Business Management (Fall 2020)
  • English for Academic Purposes + International Business (Fall 2020)

Fall 2020 - International Students only

Submitting official supporting documents

Upload all required documents to the online application (see Step 1 for a complete list). We require high quality scans of your original documents:

  • PDF format only
  • Scanned in colour
  • Full pages, scanned front and back
  • Name each document with your full name, and type of document

Scanned documents that are of unacceptable quality, illegible or certified/notarized/attested documents will delay application processing and may result in your application being cancelled.

Original hard copy supporting documents must* be sent to MITT for verification prior to the start of class.

*Some documents can be verified online – hard copies are not required to be submitted. For more information, visit: How to apply International students - If my documents can be verified online, do I need to provide the original?

What is an original document?

An original academic document is a document issued directly by your educational institution. All other required documentation must also be original. Certified, notarized or attested documents are not acceptable.

  • Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized or certified English translation.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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