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International Student Updates

Provincial attestation letters

Students applying to study within Canada now require a provincial attestation letter from their province of study to apply for their study permit. Provincial attestation letters (PAL) are now available in Manitoba.

For eligible students, MITT will request a provincial attestation letter from the Province of Manitoba. Find more information on the Provincial Attestation Letter page.

Changes to Client Service Specialist, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, and Sales and Event Coordinator

The Client Service Specialist, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, and Sales and Event Coordinator programs have undergone administrative change and will now be fully administered and operated by MITT. All MITT policies, including admission, financial, and withdrawal policies, still apply.

Students in these programs will continue to receive an MITT certificate and, upon graduation, will be eligible for post-graduation work permits as long as they meet all other eligibility criteria.

For more information about these programs, please visit the Post-Secondary Programs page.

FALL 2023 Program AND Admission Updates

Changes to Program Offerings

Effective Fall 2023, the following program changes will occur:

  • The Cyber Defense and Cloud Administration program will be discontinued (last session will run in Winter 2023)
  • Network and System Administrator will no longer be offered as a 10-month certificate program. Applicants to the Network and Systems Administrator program will have the option to choose between the following options, which appear as separate programs in the online application:

Changes to Admission Requirements for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs

Effective Fall 2023, admission requirements to ICT Programs (Network and Systems Administrator and Software Developer) have changed. Updated admission requirements are as follows:

  • A minimum average of 70% over the following, with no less than 60% in each course:
    • English Language Arts 40S (or an equivalent senior-level English Language Arts/First Language Literature course)
    • Mathematics 40S (or an equivalent senior level Mathematics course)
    • A third academic 40S course (or an equivalent senior-level academic course)
  • A score of 55% or higher on the Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT)

All ICT applicants must meet these new requirements to be eligible for admission to an ICT program as of the Fall 2023 intake, including any students requesting a deferral from a previous intake to Fall 2023.

Changes to the Technology Programs Aptitude Test (TPAT) Re-Write Policy

As of the Fall 2023 intake, applicants who fail the TPAT will no longer be offered the option to re-write the test.

Starting in Fall 2023, applicants to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs (Network and Systems Administrator and Software Developer) will be allowed to attempt the TPAT one time per application. Applicants who apply to two ICT programs in the same application will only be allowed to write the test one time.

If an applicant does not score a passing grade, their application will be deemed ineligible. Applicants may submit a new application to the same, or a different, ICT program in the future and will need to rewrite the test as part of their new application. There is no limit to the frequency or number of times the TPAT may be attempted. Please see the TPAT Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Reminder Re: Program/Intake/Section Changes

Once submitted, an application may not be transferred between programs or program sections (i.e. day to evening), or moved to a future intake. Please ensure that you are applying to the correct program, intake and section prior to submitting your application.

Applicants wishing to change the program, section or intake for which they applied must cancel their current application, submit a new application, and pay a new, non-refundable, application fee.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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