Strategic Enrolment Management

MITT’s programs are highly sought after by students in Manitoba and around the globe because of their direct links to Manitoba’s labour market needs. As MITT continues to grow, we want to ensure that high potential applicants continue to have the opportunity to enrol in their programs of choice and achieve the greatest level of success in their ongoing education or future career.

In response to student and market needs, MITT is undertaking a Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) approach to sustainable enrolment growth, setting parameters and goals with consideration to the student body mix, programming that aligns to the current and future needs of Manitoba’s labour market, and improved enrolment mechanisms and systems. MITT’s SEM plan places strong emphasis on student success. The fundamental principle of SEM at MITT is “The right students in the right programs at the right time, with the right supports, to achieve the right results.”

Diversity is also an important component to MITT for both domestic and international recruitment. MITT has experienced great success in its internationalization efforts over the last several years, and our ongoing success in this area is grounded in the desire to create a truly diverse student population that reflects the Canadian workplace; that is, balanced with students from a diversity of world regions, along with domestic learners of Indigenous heritage, women, visible ethnic persons, members of the LGBTTQ* community, and persons with disabilities.

The SEM approach will assist MITT to manage demand for its programs and continue to grow sustainably, with a focus on quality programming, quality students, and quality career opportunities following graduation.

Continue to watch this page for more information about SEM at MITT as we move this initiative forward.

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