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All campuses are equipped with microwaves. Food is available for purchase at our Henlow/Fultz and Pembina campuses; services include:

  • Henlow: Full cafeteria service and onsite vending machines.  This building is within walking distance of 7 Fultz.
  • 7 Fultz: Offers “grab & go” food options and onsite vending machines.  This building is within walking distance of Henlow.
  • Pembina: Offers “grab & go” food options and onsite vending machines.  There are also several fast food and dine-in restaurants nearby.


New students are able to purchase a locker at the Henlow or Pembina General Offices.

  • Locker rentals are $40 per locker per year and will need to be paid prior to being assigned a locker.
  • Purchasing a locker can be done at any time during the program.
  • Locker fee is non-refundable and will not be prorated if you decide to rent after your program begins or withdraw from the program.
  • Students need to provide their own locks.
  • Students may be required to partner with someone if lockers are limited.

*Student ID card or Letter of Acceptance with government issued ID will be needed when requesting a locker.

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology is not responsible for articles left in lockers. Student lockers are the property of the Institute and are used by students with the Institute’s permission. Although the Institute respects the privacy of students, the Institute reserves the right to search lockers, including the removal of locks, at the discretion of Administration.

If you have any questions, please contact the Henlow or Pembina General Offices.


Student photo ID cards are issued at no cost upon commencement of the program. Duplicate student photo ID cards may be obtained at a cost of $15.75 per card.


School Buses

Pembina Trails School Division provides limited bussing from their high schools. Students should get bussing information directly from their high school.

Public Transit

Public Transit is readily available to either campus. Students should check bus schedules for up-to-date information.

Bus routes:

  • To Pembina campus (1551 Pembina Hwy): The main bus routes are 60, 160, 162 and 185.
  • To the Henlow/Fultz campus (130 Henlow Bay/7 Fultz Blvd): The main bus routes are 78, 84, and 180.

For detailed Winnipeg Transit information and schedules, please click here http://winnipegtransit.com/en

Peggo bus card (bus passes)

MITT students may purchase a Peggo bus card at the Henlow or Pembina building General Offices.

After purchasing the Peggo card, students may add money to the card at a discounted student rate at any 711 store, Shopper’s Drugmart, or online at https://peggo.winnipegtransit.com.

Students are encouraged to register their cards online at https://peggo.winnipegtransit.com. This will allow for balance protection in case of loss or theft.

Updated July 17, 2018

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