Councils and Committees

Executive Council

Chaired by the President & CEO and consisting of the VP Academic, VP Students and Strategic Partnerships, Acting Executive Director Finance and Administration and Director of Human Resources, the Executive Council oversees the activities of all departments and vets recommendations made by the Academic Council, MITT Senior Leadership Team and President’s Roundtable. The EC meets weekly or as needed and provides regular reports and updates to the Governing Board.

MITT Senior Leadership Team

The MITT Senior Leadership Team coordinates, facilitates and increases collaboration on and communication of all aspects of the Institute’s progress in meeting the goals of the Strategic Plan. This team will also be responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of the Institute’s Business Plan.

Academic Council

The purpose of the Academic Council is to provide oversight and organizational guidance with respect to the academic enterprise at MITT. The Council is chaired by the Vice President Academic who, in turn, brings AC recommendations to the Executive Council for final review. Specific areas of oversight covered by AC include:

  • Development and review of new programs
  • Ongoing quality assurance for existing programs and review of curriculum revisions
  • Development and revision of academic policies and procedures
  • Review and recommendations regarding institute-wide teaching and learning supports
  • Development of program delivery strategies

The Council meets monthly and is comprised of the senior academic department team. Faculty and other subject matter experts attend meetings as required to inform subject and area specific deliberations.

President’s Roundtable

The President’s Roundtable is a series of purposeful, face-to-face conversations with 20 to 25 staff members per session from all campuses. All staff will be invited to attend one meeting approximately every two to three years.  This will broaden the conversation the President has with the college community by including the experiences and ideas of employees from all program and administrative areas across all campuses.

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Student Services

Several services are offered to assist students in fulfilling their goals at the Institute. Child care, tutor programs, and much more.



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