MITT releases 2022-27 Strategic Plan

Originally posted: June 21, 2022

Ray Karasevich, President and CEO of MITT. Standing at the expanded Weld shop opening event holding a plaque.

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As the 2021-22 academic year draws to a close, MITT looks to the future of post-secondary education as it formally launches its new Strategic Plan.

Titled Start Here To Get There: A five-year plan for progressive change, innovation, and inclusion, the plan focuses on growing from the base of its predecessor, further establishing MITT’s identity as a trusted post-secondary institution that is nimble and a bridge to success for its student population. The new Plan provides guidance for MITT staff and leadership through 2027, and follows the previous Strategic Plan which concluded in 2021.

“This roadmap for the next five years sets out how MITT will contribute to Manitoba’s economic, social and technological progress by providing a skilled workforce for employers and rewarding careers for students. I am inspired by MITT’s vision and I look forward to being involved in its success,” said Dr. Ray Karasevich, MITT’s President and CEO. “It truly delivers industry driven and student focused education that advances learners of all backgrounds and identities.”

Consultations for the Strategic Plan included a variety of stakeholders, including current students, staff, industry and community partners, alumni and the MITT Board of Governors. These discussions netted five strategic themes, which are laid out in the Strategic Plan with key performance indicators ascribed. These include:

  • Teaching and Learning;
  • Student Experience;
  • Relationships;
  • Team; and
  • Sustainability

Together, these themes will guide actions by MITT over the next five years. Supporting the core statements established in MITT’s Mission, Vision, Values, and institutional mandate, the strategic themes build on proven strengths and areas of growth for the college. The overall objective is not only to maintain MITT’s reputation as an institution that provides world-class career training but increases this standing on a global stage.

“When we established our goals, we considered the needs of business and industry, and we also considered the priorities of the Province of Manitoba through the Skills, Talent and Knowledge strategy,” Karasevich said while introducing the Strategic Plan during MITT’s Industry and Partner Appreciation Luncheon this past Monday. “We engaged with key stakeholders to find out what was important to them and how we could merge our priorities together. The result of those discussions can be found in the pages of our strategic plan.”

Agreement with MCSC

The Strategic Plan is already being set in motion. As one of the first actions, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between MITT and the Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) during the Industry and Partner Appreciation Luncheon.

The agreement sees the two organizations form a strategic partnership to advance labour market outcomes for Manitobans. This partnership will work to address a critical shortage in the construction workforce, which, over the next 10 years, is forecasted to lose 20 percent of its workforce due to retirement. To fill this projected worker shortage, 8,000 new entrants are required to enter the sector.

“This MOU serves as a commitment by both of our organizations to ensure that Manitobans are equipped with 21st-century skills that are needed in today’s economy and that businesses can tap into the skills and qualified talent pool, ensuring to Manitoba that we are globally competitive in this ever-changing world,” said Beverlie Stuart, MITT Vice President, Business and Organizational Development.

“We envision a career pipeline for all learners, a transparent, responsive career path from elementary [and] middle years, through to high school and post-secondary education,” said MCSC Executive Director Carol Paul said in her remarks, “resulting in sustainable employment, continuous learning, and advancement until retirement. MITT is skillful at building relationships and adapting to industry needs, with openness, flexibility and innovation.”

Start Here To Get There: A five-year plan for progressive change, innovation, and inclusion is now available for download via its web page.

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