In-person learning resumes January 10, campuses enter Orange (restricted) status

Originally posted: December 31, 2021

Effective January 4, MITT campuses will move back into the Orange (restricted) response level and reimplement zoning and capacity limits. To prepare our campuses for these changes, in-person learning will be delayed until January 10. Please see below for important information about campus activity levels and access during Orange response level.

In addition to the measures above, MITT will be making KN95 masks available for on-campus staff use upon request. As a reminder, MITT is currently providing ASTM Level 3 medical masks for all staff and students and recommends pairing this with a cloth mask for additional protection in all areas while on campus. Both masking options provide similar levels of protection, however, proper mask usage is recommended for the best protection in either case.

The following measures will be reinstated as we move into Orange response level (refer to the COVID-19 Operating Guide for further information):

  • Reimplement zoning on campuses, including separate access doors for those areas where applicable.
  • Limit student movement on campus (lunch, breaks, etc. to be taken in class).
  • Closure of food service and lunchroom seating (where applicable).
  • Move non-frontline staffing remote as much as possible to minimize transmission on site.
  • Sign-in/attendance for all staff and students (in-class) to ensure that contact tracing/outbreak management can be maintained.

We also reiterate the fundamentals that are the most important tools for limiting the spread of COVID-19 on-campus that we should all practice and promote while on site:

  • Stay home if you are ill or have any cold or flu-like symptoms (even minor symptoms).
  • Complete health screening every day prior to leaving your household and coming to work:
  • Masks are required at all times while inside MITT buildings, except while eating.
  • Strict adherence to 6 feet (2 metre) physical distancing is required in all areas on campus (distancing should be increase while eating).
  • Minimize contacts (avoid non-essential interactions with people on campus).
  • Limit movement on campus between zones to essential tasks.

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