Highly successful workforce development partnership for MB film industry launches next phase

Originally posted: January 07, 2021

MITT and FTM officially launched ACTION! Program Phase 2 today, building off a successful collaboration in spring 2020 and continuing their effort to guide students into jobs and careers in one of Manitoba’s most dynamic—and rapidly growing—industries.

During each of the past four years, Manitoba’s film industry has grown, culminating in $269 million in production in 2018-19.* These production levels support more than 2,000 Manitobans working in the industry.

(* According to Manitoba Film and Music, Manitoba has surged from $114 million in local production in 2014/2015 to over $269 million in 2019.)

While growth of this magnitude is great news for the province, sustaining it requires the development of a robust pipeline to meet workforce demands.

Recognizing this need, FTM and MITT, debuted the ACTION! Program in spring 2020, offering 30 students and alumni from select MITT programs the opportunity to complete FTM’s Set Orientation.  

With support from the Province, Phase 2 is a considerable expansion: 200 MITT students and alumni can access six industry-accredited courses, one-on-one career coaching, and a collection of in-class training. The short-term training complements a student’s core education and creates opportunities to pivot into new career opportunities.

“The Manitoba government supports education for Manitobans that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the labour market and individuals looking to apply their talents to new opportunities,” says Hon. Ralph Eichler, Minister of Economic Development and Jobs. “It’s encouraging to see FTM and MITT blending innovation and practicality to help students and budding professionals maximize the value and potential of their education.”

Open to applicants now, ACTION! Program Phase 2 comprises online learning with a mandatory completion date of October 1, 2021.

“This cutting-edge partnership supports learners seeking opportunities in a Manitoba growth industry,” says Adam Smoluk, FTM’s Managing Director, “MITT is an excellent partner and we appreciate all of the outstanding support of Minister Eichler and his team, the team at Economic Development and Training, Manitoba Film and Music’s Rachel Rusen, and the Film Liaison for Manitoba, Melissa Kajpust.”

The ongoing collaboration is an ideal fit with MITT’s industry driven approach to program development.

“Ask any employer what they look for in a new hire and they’ll likely say an even balance of technical and soft skills,” says Marnie Groeneveld, Director, Centre for Career Development and Lifelong Learning at MITT. “This is how we train at MITT and it’s so great to see partners like FTM sharing this philosophy.”

About Film Training Manitoba (FTM)

FTM provides workforce and human resource development to build a highly skilled and adaptable workforce to support the activities of Manitoba production companies. As a member of Manitoba’s Sector Council program, FTM collaborates with members of the film industry to identify the training needs. With this information FTM offers industry driven, skill-based training that is targeted where labour gaps occur. 

About Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)

MITT is a post-secondary institute offering industry-driven, student-focused education in the areas of skilled trades, business and information technology, health care, and human services. MITT provide affordable, timely, skills-based education for learners seeking career entry as well as those looking to acquire relevant, in-demand competencies at any point in life.

FTM media contact Mauro Ferritto, Senior Programs & Communications Manager email: mauro@filmtraining.mb.ca 

MITT media contact Jeremy Brooks, Manager, Public Relations email: jeremy.brooks@mitt.ca


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