Annual school counsellor event touts advantages of studying at MITT

Originally posted: September 20, 2019

Funformative, a contrived contraction of “fun” and “informative,” is not a word. Yet it aptly describes the experience for the more than 25 high school counsellors and educators from across Manitoba that attended MITT’s 2019 Counsellors’ Seminar, held recently at Henlow campus.

The annual event—organized by MITT’s domestic recruitment team—opened with an official welcome and Q&A from MITT vice-president, academic, Mark Derro and updates from key teams who provide support before, during, and after a student’s journey at MITT, including admissions and enrolment, student services, career development services and student recruitment.

Each presenter shared unique perspectives on how MITT supports student success: student services, their wealth of on-campus supports, student life opportunities, and critical financial aid opportunities (they plan to award more than 75 bursaries over the 2019–20 fall and winter terms); career development services, their unique approach of embedding into every MITT program the non-technical skills (essential skills, employability skills, how to craft a resume, prepare for an interview, and effectively transition to full-time work after graduation) that elevate an MITT student from talented graduate, to talented employee; and admissions, who provided a detailed walk through of application timelines, entry requirements, and a standing offer to help counsellors and prospective students navigate the admissions process.


Diverse as the presentations were, a common element emerged with each speaker: MITT is here to help. We are a phone call or email away for counsellors, for prospective and current students, as well as graduates. Or as Marnie Groeneveld, Senior Manager, Career Development Services and Domestic Recruitment put it: “Once an MITT student, always an MITT student.”

Following the presentations, emcee and domestic recruitment coordinator, Cary Tardi, queued up the fun, with an online trivia game, testing guests’ newfound knowledge of MITT.  Next up was guest speaker Kathy Knight, who is head of ICTAM, which represents Manitoba’s information and communication technologies sector. In her remarks, Knight spoke to counsellors about the tech explosion happening in Manitoba and Canada, the projected job growth, as well as the need to end legacies within the field such as underrepresentation of women: all of them, opportunities and challenges ICTAM is working to address with education partners like MITT and, by extension, its counsellor network who can inform students in their home schools of this exciting career horizon.

Knight’s remarks were a perfect segue way to a guided tour of what is quickly becoming a buzzy topic in Manitoba’s tech industry: MITT’s ICT programs are bold, and our facilities, off the charts.  

As guests were introduced to MITT’s software developer and cyber defence and cloud administration diploma programs, the more than $500k in equipment investment on display in the labs was apparent even to the untrained eye. Any uncertainty was quickly allayed by veteran instructor, and NCT program architect, William McBride, who proclaimed his high-tech lab as the best of its kind in Canada.

With the tours complete, educators from MITT partner Pembina Trails School Division stuck around for a breakout session to ask more questions and enhance their awareness of MITT’s High School Partnership Program. Their MITT experience, now complete for another year, cast considerable light on how much MITT has grown and evolved in harmony with the needs of Manitoba’s labour market and successive generations of students since it took on its new name and mandate five years ago in June 2014.

One counsellor described their experience attending the seminar by saying, “MITT is a great school because it is so student centred. It is important to attend these sessions to keep informed of all [MITT] has to offer.”  

But don’t take their word for it, see for yourself: book an MITT campus tour today.


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