In their own words: International student testimonials

Originally posted: June 04, 2019

Ruth Ratnam Human Resources Learning and Development Post-Graduate Diploma

Ruth came to Winnipeg from Sri Lanka in January 2020. Now, Ruth works with Phillips & Stevens, a land surveying and resource information services organization based in Winnipeg.

Ruth Ratnam

“It is an amazing city. The people here are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet. Though the winters are long and can be bitterly cold, Winnipeg's skies are among the clearest in Canada and the sun shines so brightly all year around. Winnipeg is the perfect place to witness all 4 distinct seasons.”


Milijana Tomic Software Developer

A Serbia native, Milijana came to Winnipeg in 2018. After graduating from MITT in January 2021, she quickly found work with Wawanesa Insurance as a Solution Analyst.

Milijana Tomic

“I really had great, great experience with both instructors - their friendly approach and teaching manner where they gave us essentials and developing our knowledge and skills and learning us how to act and what to expect in working environment, which helped me a lot. All other student services were really on high level, except the Student Portal which takes a long time to update something (grades, tuition...).”


Leslie Perez Global Logistics and Supply Chain Post-Graduate Diploma

Leslie left the Dominican Republic in July 2018 to continue her education. Her background in Export Logistics and Process Improvement in the beverage industry led to her pursuit of her post-graduate diploma in Global Logistics and Supply Chain. She now works with Brewers Distributor Ltd. as Process Control Coordinator.

Leslie Perez

“MITT is a community that really makes you feel welcome. The entire staff is committed to helping you thrive in the Canadian workplace. Instructors are experts in their fields and always willing to mentor you on anything you need.”


Esmeralda Rodriguez Arias Post-graduate International Business (Class of 2020)

Esmeralda Rodriguez Arias

Originally from Colombia. Esmeralda came to Winnipeg to study a program related to Accounting, but as the college was private and not public her husband was not able to receive a Work permit. However, after knocking on different doors, MITT opened an amazing one that would change her life forever to a great and incredible program of International Business. MITT is an institution that is always supporting their students, even if they already finished the programs. I would like to recommend everybody to choose MITT, because they are a flexible, professional and encouraging team that helps students to be successful. The International Business program, helped me to get my Certificate of International Trade Professional (CITP), and provided me all the knowledge required to start working as a Trade Advisor at the World Trade Centre Winnipeg to support to Manitoba companies that are looking to grow their businesses beyond the province, and provide services to international companies interested in doing business with companies from Manitoba.


Huan (Holly) Liu, Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management (Class of 2019)

Holly came to Winnipeg, and MITT, from China. Not only is she an alumna of the college, she is now also working as a Tax Analyst at Grant Thorton LLP.

“I first heard about MITT through the Canadian Embassy in China. MITT offered a leadership program I really wanted to join. The course plan was good; the tuition fee was reasonable; and the length of the program was perfect. The program was excellent, and on top of my studies, I actively volunteered at MITT at various Student Life events. The education, coupled with my previous experiences and on-campus volunteering, helped me land a job at MITT right after graduation. I'd like to tell newcomers, MITT is not a cold organizational mechanism, it is more like an old friend, who prepared everything, and just waited for you to come, succeed, and have fun in Canada. I have to say that one of my fondest memories of MITT is that I got to see former US President, Mr. Barack Obama, during his tour in Winnipeg.”

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Yaroslavna Alieksieieva Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management (Class of 2019)

Yaroslavna came to MITT from Ukraine. After completing her Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management, she found a full-time job as a legal assistant with local law firm Robert Arthur Law LLP.

“The courses in the Leadership and Management program were incredibly interesting and challenging. MITT has amazing staff, a positive and professional environment, and the best instructors ever!”

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Bilal Ahmed, Network and Computer Technology (Class of 2015)
Originally from Pakistan, Bilal joined MITT in September 2014 and today he is a Permanent Resident of Canada.

“A friend of mine who was studying at MITT, suggested I check out the programs, and the Network Computer Technology program caught my eye right away. The fact that the program included a co-op option, was a main attraction for me.

MITT is my very first post-secondary institution, and I was not sure what to expect. MITT is not only dedicated to providing an excellent education, but I also had the opportunity to develop social skills, and meet new friends from different countries. One of the highlights of my student life is that I participated in the Mini-Folklorama where some friends and I put together a little presentation about Pakistani culture and food. Our exhibit was a big hit as we brought in samosas to share with other students.

I was lucky to get placed in a practicum with Manitoba E-Health. This real-life experience helped me to become highly marketable in the industry. Today, I work at Shaw Communications—one of the largest networking services in Manitoba—as an in-home sales supervisor.”


Chinonso Franklin Ali, Health Care Aide and Unit Clerk, (Class of 2020) 

Originally from Nigeria, Chinonso Franklin Ali, "Franklin" for short, first learned about MITT from his uncle. He chose MITT's Health Care Aide and Unit Clerk program to better prepare him for his long-term career goal of becoming a nurse.  

His early experiences in Winnipeg included, of course, a proper Winnipeg winter, which he adapted to by getting active outdoors: "I tried skating for the first time and it was a fun experience," says Franklin. 

But the biggest adjustment from life back home was learning how to take a bus, something Franklin says will get a huge boost with the recent expansion of Winnipeg's Rapid Transit system. 

Life and learning at MITT drum up a lot of happy memories including the warm campus enviroment and supportive staff. As for a favourite class? "Anatomy and physiology," he says. 

When it came time to do his work practicum, Franklin was placed at the St. Boniface Hospital where he got his first real life experiences in his dream career path, which included helping patients and working with a team of nurses.


Philein Laquindanum, Health Care Aide and Unit Clerk (Class of 2020) 

Philein Laquindanum—known to classmates simply as ‘Phil’—successfully landed a permanent job as a Health Care Aide at St. Boniface Emergency Department, where he completed his practicum.

Phil did extensive research among Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) in Canada before selecting MITT’s HCAUC program which offered a unique, two-in-one offering which, says Phil, “…gives me higher chances of getting a job after graduation.”

Phil enjoys his program and some of his favourite courses so far include:

Electronic Patient Records (EPR)
“This is is pretty new to me because back in the Philippines we still use a paper-based system.”

Medical Terminology
“My favorite so far! It is really fun knowing a new language (the medical language).”

The last book Phil read is Administrative and Clinical Procedures for the Canadian Health Professional. Given how intense his program is and his long-term goal of becoming a nurse in Canada (Phil was previously a nurse in the Philippines) there probably isn’t much time right now for reading fiction.

In addition to enjoying his program, Phil also likes the support offered to students at MITT, like the career development services. “They are doing a great job in teaching us how to adapt in the Canadian workplace by stressing the importance of employability skills and building a resume (which is different from my country),” he says.

As for Winnipeg, Phil likes that it is a four-season city. After experiencing summer, fall, and winter (in that order), Phil is very much looking forward to spring … [Phil, we promise, it’s coming!]

Phil enjoys what Winnipeg has to offer, especially walking on The Forks river trail and enjoying the snow in winter, but misses his large family back home in the Philippines. When asked about a funny or memorable moment from when he first came to the city, Phil recalled his experience learning to navigate Winnipeg’s public transit system. “I struggled to learn how to take the bus,” he confesses. “And I made a couple of mistakes taking the wrong bus.”


Ahmed Abouzoor, English for Academic Purposes (Class of 2020), Motorsport Technician (Class of 2021)


“The best thing about MITT is its faculty and staff who are supportive and approachable. My goal is to become the best technician in town after I complete the Motorsport Technician program. I am doing well in my English program, I've found that my use of the language has improved very quickly. I enjoy the socio-cultural activities, and my favourite outing was when we visited the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. When I have some downtime, I enjoy studying at different coffee shops around town and eating ice cream in -30 weather. I feel like a Winnipegger already.”


Diksha Malhotra Pharmacy Technician Diploma (Class of 2018)

Diksha is currently employed full-time as a Pharmacy Assistant at the Keewatin Clinic and Pharmacy.

"A big reason I recommend MITT is the reputation of the college, as many of my friends who have graduated from the program now have successful careers. I enrolled at MITT in the Pharmacy Technician Diploma program in 2017, and on top of getting a quality education, I made some great friends as well. I had a lot of support from my professors and staff, and I am thankful that MITT allowed me to both find success in the classroom and meet people that I will have connections with for the rest of my life. Being the only student from India in my class, I felt a bit lonely at the beginning of my time here. With guidance from my professors, I was able to find success not only in my studies but also in being social on campus. I truly miss my time at MITT from the bottom of my heart.

I want to tell future students who are applying for the Pharmacy Technician Diploma program that with the newly developed two-year program, they will have tremendous opportunities in Manitoba or anywhere in Canada.

If you have not heard about Winnipeg, it’s a beautiful and peaceful city with many facilities, excellent transit services, cultural and social events, and beautiful parks and recreation spots. Although Winnipeg is a big city, it’s not very crowded which makes it less intimidating for newcomers. The locals say “it’s a big city with a small-town feel,” and it has a friendly and diverse mix of people."


Fernanda Theodoro, Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business (Class of 2019)

Originally from Brazil, Fernanda recently completed her program at MITT and is currently employed as an integrated service representative with Frontier Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

“MITT is an amazing place to learn, grow, and build your Canadian network. After working in Brazil for 13 years as an executive producer in a television company, I thought it’s time for the next move. The International Business course offered at MITT aligned with my career goals.”

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Eduardo Lozada Herrera, Post-Graduate Diploma Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Eduardo came to MITT with 15 years experience in the transportation logistics industry in Bogota, Colombia. He should graduate from his program in 2020. 



 “I enjoy the friendly environment here. In addition, my experience with MITT is that it provides instrumental training and tools to help students succeed in the Canadian work environment. In class, I learned Canada’s current affairs, industry and economic trends, and the growing diversity in the workforce.” 

15 años de experiencia en la industria de logística del transporte en Bogotá, Colombia. Estudiante del diploma de post-grado de Logística y Gerencia de la Cadena de Abastecimiento, promoción 2020.

 “Yo disfruto del ambiente amigable aquí. Además, mi experiencia con el MITT es que provee de instrumentos de capacitacion y herramientas para ayudar a los estudiantes a ser exitosos en el ambiente laboral Canadiense. En clase, aprendí los temas de actualidad canadienses, tendencias de la industria y la economía, y la creciente diversidad en la fuerza laboral.”


Minh Tri Ngo (Josef), Post-Graduate Leadership and Management Diploma student (Class of 2019)
Minh has more than seven years of experience in the finance and banking industry in Vietnam.



“MITT has been very supportive to me from the application stage. Every class at MITT is memorable for me since all the instructors are experts in their fields. They explain the course materials to help students understand clearly, and present many real life examples. I also find MITT Career Services’ help writing resumes, job search, and building a personal brand very beneficial. I have worked many years in Vietnam, and wanted to be promoted to a leadership level. It was difficult for me to find a formal leadership course in Vietnam. After completing my program, I am planning to work as a manager in a financial institution.” 


Isil Colakoglu, Post-Graduate International Business Diploma Program
Isil is from Turkey and prior to entering her PG program, completed English for Academic Purposes through the English Language Institute.   


“When I graduated from university, I started to work as an officer on commercial ships. I saw many countries and coastal cities. After a decade of working, I received my unlimited chief officer license. My experience and passion for foreign trade pushed me to apply to MITT PGIB program. When I started my English language program at MITT, the instructors and staff helped me to get used to Manitoba’s education system.” 


M. Kaan Oztiurk, Auto Mechanics Certificate Program
M. Kaan came from Ukraine and is a graduate of MITT’s English Language Institute . He is now a student in Auto Mechanics and will graduate in 2020.


"The class 'workplace communications' really helped me understand cultural differences and prepared me for a Canadian workplace.” 


Yeojin (Lisa) Jeon, Network and Computer Technology Certificate Program (Class of 2017)
After graduating from MITT in 2017, Lisa took on the position of games management with Seoul, Korea-based Eyedentity Games.


"MITT has an academically challenging and diverse campus. MITT really helped me settle well in Canada during my studies. The support by the instructors and practicum during my program built industry connections which helped me land my dream career path."


Carlos Martins, Industrial Mechanic/Millwright (Class of 2018)
Carlos came to Winnipeg from Brazil in December of 2016. 

“My first exposure to MITT was the Intro to College and Work program and it was amazing. Even though I had several years' experience back home, everything in Canada was new for me so in a lot of ways I was starting from scratch. The intro program taught me a lot about what to expect going to college, but it also taught me about transit routes to MITT, how to prepare for Winnipeg's winter (winter in Brazil is 15 C!) even how to prepare a resume."


Duy Linh Nguyen, Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management (Class of 2018), Post-Graduate Certificate, International Business

Originally from Vietnam, Duy Linh came to MITT in 2017. He graduated from PG Leadership and Management in spring 2018 and is currently enrolled in his second MITT post-graduate certificate program in International Business, which he should complete in fall 2019.


“At MITT, the support I got from staff and instructors was fantastic. The program coordinator helped me with some settlement issues I had at the early stage. The instructors went an extra mile to help international students like me understand the Canadian context. The career development officers helped me in-person to build a stellar resume. With the wonderful support from staff, and education from instructors who are industry experts, I built confidence to pitch my work experience in Vietnam as marketable/transferable skills to the Canadian workplace.”


Dohyung Kim, CAD Technician (Class of 2019)
Dohyung travelled to Winnipeg from South Korea and completed his CAD Technician certificate in 2019.

“The highlight of my MITT experience is that I got to volunteer: a great way to meet new friends from around the world. Thank you to MITT for preparing me to get into the workforce by helping me fine tune my resume and cover letter as well!" 

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