Long-term MITT partner funds scholarship, bursary fund geared to women in construction trades

Originally posted: April 18, 2019

Pictured from left: John Schubert, Chair, MITT Governing Board and founding Chair of MCSC; Carol Paul, Executive Director, MCSC; Bev Stuart, Associate Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives (MITT); Ray Karasevich, MITT President and CEO

Today the Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) joined partners like MITT to mark the decade milestone of its mission to, “. . . promote and coordinate the development of a diverse, inclusive, well educated workforce in support of careers of choice in a dynamic and evolving construction industry.”

MITT President and CEO, Ray Karasevich brought greetings, reflecting on the long and productive relationship between the two organizations and their common thread—MITT Governing Board Chair, John Schubert, who is founding Chair of MCSC.

Together, the organizations have worked closely to build bridges between education and employment, developing industry driven curriculum and industry/education stakeholder working groups along the way that help futureproof the workforce in Manitoba’s construction sector.

“MCSC understands the importance of bringing educators, industry, and government together to create learning opportunities for Manitoba’s current and future workforce,” says Karasevich.

An important dimension of the workforce equation—gender balance—was highlighted when Karasevich announced a $5,000 foundational donation from MCSC to MITT to establish the Women in Trades Scholarship and Bursary Fund.

With their gift, MCSC is building on the $25,000 in provincial support MITT received in February through the Empower Project, and hopefully helping open the door to women of all ages in Manitoba desiring careers in construction trades.

Click here, if you’d like to support the Fund.

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