Statement from Ray Karasevich on legalization of non-medicinal cannabis

Originally posted: October 16, 2018

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, use of non-medicinal cannabis will become legal across Canada. In anticipation, MITT has updated its policies around drug and alcohol use and smoking/vaping on campus—links to which are provided below. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy—Staff

Drug and Alcohol Policy—Students

Smoke and Vape-Free Policy

MITT has applied the same rules governing alcohol or tobacco use/possession on campus to cannabis use and possession, and structured its policies in accordance with the various Manitoba laws or Acts that have jurisdiction over post-secondary and K-12 institutions. Consultation has taken place internally with the Academic and Administrative teams including Student Success and Human Resources, and research has been undertaken into the approach of similar institutions prior to making changes to our policies.

MITT wants to provide its students—some of them minors—staff, board, and visitors, an environment where applied learning requiring safe interaction with the tools of various trades isn’t compromised by recreational use of cannabis, alcohol, or any other substance that may cause impairment or impaired judgement.  

Within MITT’s policy framework, appropriate provision has also been made for students or staff who require the use of medical cannabis, including the processes they must follow to notify the college of this requirement.

As MITT prepares for this significant change in legislation, we thank the members of our campus community and all our external stakeholders/visitors in advance for their cooperation and understanding.


Ray Karasevich
President and CEO

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