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Originally posted: September 21, 2018


The campus tour link is a permanent and prominent feature on for good reason: the best way for prospective students and parents, educators, and partners to experience MITT is to do so first hand.

Cary Tardi, Coordinator Recruitment, knows this better than anyone; he’s led countless educational expeditions through MITT’s various campuses over the years. Along with colleagues Mekala Wickramasinghe, David Driver, and Celia Vielfaure he recently guided more than 20 high school guidance counsellors and educators through the Henlow and Pembina campuses as part of MITT’s second annual counsellors’ seminar—Building Futures 2018.

As the event title suggests, Building Futures is about equipping these partners with the information they need to help students at their home schools plan their academic futures. “What I like most about this event is that it provides an authentic, day-in-the-life glimpse into MITT,” said Tardi. “We’re only in September but you can already see connections being built between faculty and students.  To me this is what MITT is all about! It’s so valuable when our education partners get to experience this on-campus energy because it’s something they can take back to their schools and share with their students.”

The day began with a quick breakfast in the Deltas and some informative opening remarks from MITT executive, admissions staff, and senior academic administration.

Rick Martin, MITT’s Executive Dean of Business, Technology and Innovation, opened the day with a pitch for college education. Drawing on his decades of experience in secondary school administration—and the countless conversations he’d had over the years with parents convinced university was their child’s only post-secondary option—Martin explained that while university is an excellent post-secondary pathway, it’s not the right starting point for every high school graduate.

The college experience on the other hand, like the one students would find at MITT, provides a learning environment that is smaller, greater daily interactions with classmates and instructors, and emphasizes a practical, learn-by-doing approach to education. “And it’s flexible,” said Martin. “You can enroll in college at any point in time [before university or after].”

With the stage set, guests embarked on their tour, taking in class demos, listening to instructors and asking them questions, and gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way about the diverse certificate and diploma programs MITT offers in information and business technology, health care, human services, and skilled trades.

Along the journey, they met with MITT support staff like Ryan Filteau, Manager of Student Services, who fielded their questions and helped them understand the variety of resources and support services that are unique to MITT.

When the tour wrapped at noon, counsellors were provided information packages about MITT programs and admissions processes, and reminded once again that the college is here to help them help their students.

“Today was about telling MITT’s story but also about building relationships,” said Tardi. “The more we work together with our partners, the better we can all serve the needs of students at this or any critical point along their academic journey.”

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