MITT staff raise funds, haul Herc, as part of annual charity event

Originally posted: September 14, 2018

It is Year 15 of United Way Winnipeg's Plane Pull event, which kicks off the organization’s annual fundraising campaign, yet the experience—and the message—never get old: when we work as a team, we can do the impossible. Twenty-odd MITT staffers can haul some 80,000 lbs of machine across a tarmac. A city of generous people can raise the funds necessary to help create hope and opportunity in the communities they love to live in.

Team All-MITT-ey captain, and stalwart fundraiser, Trisha Davey, came up with the idea of entering a team in the competition three years ago. She says a difficult childhood taught her the value of helping others and revealed an affinity for charitable work. Through professional experiences the Alberta native became familiar with United Way Winnipeg and through personal experience, a beneficiary of its causes. 

“I have been and know others who have been directly impacted by United Way organizations,” says Davey, who is Payroll Supervisor at MITT. “And since I’ve been captain [of Team All-MITT-ey], I have heard so many stories from staff who have also had the same experience. The work of United Way Winnipeg is so widespread!

Each year, Davey and fellow members of MITT’s Charitable Giving Committee organize events for internal as well as external causes, like United Way Winnipeg. And each year, MITT staff step up to lend their support. In 2017, Davey was one of the top five individual fundraisers for the Plane Pull event thanks in part to the support of her peers.

That generosity comes full circle as past donors and volunteers are traditionally the first asked to join Team All-MITT-ey the following year.

“I wish every MITT employee could attend at least once to have the experience,” says Davey. “It’s great to be a part of such teamwork, to see the looks on people’s faces when the accomplish pulling a plane. Everyone is always really happy and joyful and say it’s a great experience.”

To learn more about United Way Winnipeg’s 2018 campaign goal, click here.

To support Team All-MITT-ey, click here

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