Student Advisors

Student Advising - All MITT Students

All members of the MITT Student Advising team are available to assist students with:

  • Identifying and meeting their educational and career goals
  • Working through any academic or personal issues
  • Referrals to MITT supports and off-campus resources
  • Making informed decisions by understanding all of their options

Aboriginal Student Advising

  • Facilitates the growth and development of a strong and supportive Aboriginal student community at MITT
  • Helps Aboriginal students connect their MITT program and student experience to their community, personal goals, and career development
  • Works with students, their families, sponsors, and other First Nations and Aboriginal resources

International Student Advising

  • Support, advice, and resources unique to International Students
  • Help and guidance for successfully adapting to Canadian school and work culture

Accessibility Services Advisor

  • Coordinates accessibility supports for students with a permanent or temporary disability
  • Leads the MITT support team to develop a comprehensive education plan
  • Acts as an advocate and liaison with sponsors and other off-campus supports

Learning Specialist

The Learning Specialist at MITT is a resource for students who are experiencing challenges with the academic component of their technical training. This includes:

  • Encouraging students to develop a mindset of reframing challenges as opportunities for growth and to take ownership of their learning process by working together to identify the areas impeding success in the classroom
  • Developing an individual learning plan, focused on learning strategies, to help students become more efficient and effective learners
  • Coaching students in the areas of reading comprehension strategies, writing effectively, math skills, communication and presentation skills, conflict resolution, problem solving, critical thinking and effective time management    
  • Promoting competence in the MITT Work Skills in the areas of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution and effective communication strategies, through in-class modules in cooperation with MITT instructors and Student Success Centre staff.

Students can meet with the Learning Specialist for one-on-one coaching sessions through referrals from student advisors, instructors and academic coordinators.  

To meet with a Student Advisor, please contact Student Services at Henlow, at 204-989-6512, or email

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Student Services

Several services are offered to assist students in fulfilling their goals at the Institute. Child care, tutor programs, and much more.



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