Lean Leadership Essentials Certificate Program

Lean Leadership Essentials Certificate Program

Learn the Value of Lean Leadership for Any Industry

Leaders are always learners. You take everything you've seen and done and find ways to do it better, faster, or to invent something new altogether. How can we apply that to ourselves? What skills and knowledge can help make us better leaders? MITT's Lean Leadership Essentials Certificate Program will hand you the tools that the best leaders in industry use on a daily basis: to improve production, to streamline and transform their organization, and to help everyone in the workforce unlock their full potential. This program was designed to meet the needs of the rising stars of Manitoba's thriving industries.

Get the core skills that will help you lead, train, and grow a team that can tackle challenges today and in the future. This program is taught by a world-class instructing team with many years of experience in continuous improvement, transformation, LEAN manufacturing principles, and personal development. Learn more about them here.

This program is endorsed by the MPIA & developed and delivered in partnership with Duha group.

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Download: Full Brochure (PDF, 4 pages)

During this program, you will:

  • Learn core management principles which are universally applicable
  • Recognize the importance of employee relations and how they impact you as a leader
  • Understand how to create change based on best management practices
  • Develop key communication attributes such as: visual, verbal, and listening
  • Learn the benefits and techniques to evolve into a Learning Organization
  • Apply Continuous Improvement practices which build your leadership and ROI
  • Maximize your organizational behaviour results through teamwork and communication
  • Develop new skills to successfully recruit, evaluate and retain
  • Learn the benefits of developing an employee training roadmap


Course Description:

This course focuses on skills that will help to develop essential leadership skills for success in the workplace. The topics included are:

  • Communication: Recognize, develop and demonstrate visual, verbal, nonverbal and auditory communication skills necessary to become a leader.
  • The Learning Organization: Understand why changing the way you think and behave and becoming a Learning Organization is central to success as a future leader.
  • Continuous Improvement: How to apply Continuous Improvement practices that support your leadership strategies.
  • Fundamentals of Management: Learn how to implement the fundamental principles of management.
  • Organizational Behaviour: Understanding organizational behaviour as systemic action and how to influence it correctly.
  • Employee Relations: Learn the key components of positive employee relations and how they impact your success.
  • Project Management: Learn why implementing strategic changes through best management practices can unlock future successes.
  • Recruitment and Selection: Learn skills and be given tools that will help you select and evaluate the right employees for your team.
  • Training and Development: Learn how to develop a successful employee training roadmap that will focus on the future development of all employees


LOCATION:        Room 222, 14 Fultz Blvd.
DAYS & TIMES:  *Tuesdays
FORMAT:           Classroom/Workplace Integrated Learning
START DATE:     November 14, 2017
END DATE:         June 26, 2018

Note: Course offering dates are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Cost: Pilot year only - $2,000 including taxes.

*Classes will typically be held on Tuesdays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The number of classes per month and in-class hours will be decided through group consensus.

As this is a pilot program, we have received "one time only" government support of two-thirds of the training costs. This support will not be available in future years so apply now!

To apply today, contact Barry Miller at MPIA: bmiller@mpia.ca or telephone: (204) 272-5022.

Meet our world class instructors:

Rod Smith, Director of Organizational Excellence

Rod SmithRod Smith has worked for The Duha Group for over 36 years holding positions as Plant GM, Logistics Manager, Operations Manager and currently Director of Operations Excellence. Rod has been a student of Continuous Improvement culture for over 16 years, and holds a Master Black Belt certification in Organizational Continuous Improvement facilitation, which included an extended period studying techniques in Japan and other areas of the world.  Rod has been the driving force behind the Continuous Improvement transformation at the Duha Group, and his extensive career has brought him to facilitate Continuous Improvement events in each of the 8 factories located throughout the world. These experiences have allowed Rod to understand many of the challenges organizations face when attempting to implement Continuous Improvement Management philosophies in difference environments from both a shop floor and office/white collar perspective.  Since moving in to his role as Director of the Duha Center of Excellence, Rod has had the opportunity to work offsite with many partners and customers, and has benefited from these experiences by developing a solid understanding of how Continuous Improvement initiatives can be implemented in to any organization. Rod has had the opportunity to train over 4000 practitioners in over 100 companies within many different industries. 


Fontana Coy, CI Transformation Coach

FontanaRoyFontana Coy has been a Black Belt team member of the Duha Group for over 2 years and works in the Duha Center of Excellence as a Continuous Improvement Transformation Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Asper School of Business majoring in International Business and Logistics/Supply chain and Business Administration Diploma from Red River College. She brings over 10 years’ experience in Customer Service and 5 years’ experience in Distribution/Marketing/Sales. She is a strong advocate of the importance of Continuous Improvement in every industry and every aspect of our environment and lives.

With Rod Smith (Master Black Belt) as a direct mentor, Fontana has earned her Black belt certification in the Duha Operating Systems Passport to World Excellence program. She has lead over 20 external companies on the start of their Continuous Improvement journey with Opportunity Identification Exercises (Value Stream Maps, SWOT’s, Kaizen’s) as well as Visual Management Systems, Transformation Champion Programs and Standard Operating Procedures. She is also our primary Yellow Belt facilitator for Communication Skills and Green Belt facilitator for Facilitation Skills.


Mark Somogyi, CI Transformation Coach

Mark SomogyiMark has over 20 years of hands on experience in manufacturing with specific training in the TCCS Toyota Production System and Canadian Manufactures & Exporters continuous improvement program. He has spent the last ten years at Russel Metals as part of the leadership team implementing continuous improvement and health and safety initiatives within the organization.

Through work and life experiences and after completing his Operations Management Diploma and Certified Life & Executive Coach Training, Mark has found a strong passion in motivating, coaching and empowering leaders and individuals. He is a strong believer in personal development and as a Big Brother with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Manitoba he is always looking for ways to become a great role model by influencing people in a positive way. He has been active in the Winnipeg soccer community, as a coach and manager and through these experiences has developed strong verbal, team-leading and motivational skills.

Mark has successfully implemented a continuous improvement culture in two companies and his expertise is requested at many others. He has trained hundreds, from office to shop floor employees as well as people in the service and medical industries, on continuous improvement principles.


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