MITT is actively engaged with a range of institutional partners on a number of initiatives, including English language pathway programs. Please contact for further information or our complete list of partners.


Cohort Training Contracts

1. MITT is currently offering the Culinary Arts & Design program for January 8th  in partnership with Jiahua International Consulting Centre Inc.

2. MITT is currently offering the Hotel & Hospitality Services program for January 8, 2018 in partnership with Jiahua International Consulting Centre Inc. and CW International.

3. MITT is currently offering the Software Developer program for January 8, 2018 in partnership with Ideal Immigration.

4. MITT is currently offering the Business Administrative Assistant program April 2, 2018  in partnership with Global Shore International Investment Group.

5. MITT is currently offering the Leadership and Management (Post-graduate) program for April 16, 2018 in partnership with Ideal Immigration.


Canadian Institutional Partners

MITT and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), a center of excellence for trade accreditation, offer the Post Graduate Certificate in International Business.


International Institutional Partners


Guangdong Innovative Technical College (GITC)

We are currently running a Foundation Program with GITC that prepares students to meet admission requirements for an MITT technical program. Once students complete GITC's IELTS training and achieve a score of 5.5, they will become eligible to apply for MITT's English for Academic Purposes: 12 weeks (Regular) or 8 weeks (Intensive).

Guangzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology

Harbin Cambridge University - MITT's English Language Training Centre

Harbin International University

Harbin Huade University

Heilongjiang University of Finance and Economics 



Kainuun Vocational College

Luovi Vocational College

Lappia Vocational College



Hanbat National University



The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico


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