MITT is actively engaged with a range of institutional partners on a number of initiatives, including English language pathway programs

Canadian Institutional Partners

We seek to develop partnerships, MOUs and action plans together with Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions and key out-of province institutions.

MITT and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), a center of excellence for trade accreditation, offer the Post Graduate Certificate in International Business.


International Institutional Partners

We seek to build our international reputation as an innovative institution that provides high-quality education to learners from other parts of the world. In an increasingly globalized community, MITT aims to become the bridge between international partners and various industries while promoting our students’ lifelong learning. These partnerships will broaden the scope of our curricula and create more links between MITT and our international partners. Please contact for further information or our complete list of partners.


Guangdong Innovative Technical College (GITC)

We are currently running a Foundation Program with GITC that prepares students to meet admission requirements for an MITT technical program. Once students complete GITC's IELTS training and achieve a score of 5.5, they will become eligible to apply for MITT's English for Academic Purposes: 12 weeks (Regular) or 8 weeks (Intensive).

Guangzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology

Harbin Cambridge University 

Harbin International University

Harbin Huade University

Heilongjiang University of Finance and Economics 



Cooperative Network of Vocational Education and Training Organisations

The Finnish Canadian Network partnership involves technical and vocational colleges in Finland and institutes and colleges in Canada. MITT is one of the partners in this relationship that focuses the international mobility of Canadian and Finnish youth. The program is a short term study exchange where students take classes at a Canadian and Finnish institutions and participate in a cultural exchange.

MITT and the Jyväskylä Educational Consortium have an active Memorandum of Understanding that includes seven vocational colleges as Finnish Network partners:

-          Kainuu Vocational College 

-          Vocational College Lappia 

-          Luksia – Western Uusimaa Municipal Training and Education Consortium 

-          Luovi College 

-          Satakunta Educational Federation 

-          Turku Vocational Institute 



Hanbat National University



The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico


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