International Recruitment Agents

Use of a recruitment agent is not required to apply to MITT. To apply directly to MITT, please visit our application page.

Many applicants do choose to use the services of a recruitment agent. MITT works with a global network of authorized recruitment agents in Canada and around the world, listed below. Recruitment and immigration agents that are not listed below do not have an agreement with MITT.

MITT is a designated education provider in Manitoba, Canada. As a designated post-secondary education provider, MITT operates in accordance with the Manitoba International Education Act (IEA). MITT’s authorized recruitment agents must also adhere to the IEA, and its Regulations, including the Code of Practice and Conduct Regulation, as set out by the province of Manitoba.

MITT’s Authorized Recruitment Agents have a signed agreement with MITT, represent our recruitment interests and are committed to act in the best interests of the institution and aspiring MITT students. Under their agreement, they must acknowledge and agree that the effective performance of their services requires acting with honesty and integrity and in furtherance of the interests of MITT students. They must also acknowledge and agree that they will use ethical behaviour and ethical decision making in their relationship with MITT, and with all people they deal with for the duration of their agent agreement.

MITT's authorized recruitment agents

Agency Name Agency web site
A Canada Representaciones  
AA Canada
Abroad Immigration
Applyboard (Easy Education)
Best Canada
Bright International Student Service Inc.
Can-Achieve Education
Canachina International Inc.
Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services
Canada International Economic & Cultural Exchange Association  
Canada School Application Centre Inc.  
Canada Study Services
Canadian Study Centre  
Canam Consultants Limited
CanRelocate Immigration Consulting
Centre of Study and Tourism Ltd.
Charms Education & Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd.
Chinada International Consulting Services Co. Ltd.  
CLC International Education (Canada) Inc.  
College Canada
Coryo Emigration Corporation
COS Educational Consulting Inc.
CW Immigration Services Inc.  
Daffodils Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd.
Dalian Xinquan Global Education Co. Ltd.
De Boa No Mundo
E&C Overseas Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Educational Consulting Can Visa (ECC) Inc.
Eduviet Global Co. Ltd.
Eduwings Career Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Fair Future Education Consultancy
Fairway Immigration Inc.
First Empire International Co. Ltd
Future Link Visa Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Future Shapers Consultants Pvt Ltd.
GeeBee Education Pvt. Ltd.
Gocool International
Gold Immigration
Hanmaum Immigration & Edu Center
Honest Education
Hopewell Education &Immigration Services Ltd.  
Huaxia Immigration Consulting Inc.
Ideal Immigration Services
Infinite Visa Assistance Services
International Studies Services
Ivy Consulting Corp.
Jain Overseas
JC Wins
Jia Hua International Consulting Center Inc.
Jiacheng Overseas Immigration and education Service Corp
Joe & Young Company  
Kamillion Education Consultants Inc.
Kanan International Pvt. Ltd.
Kanwest Immigration Services Inc.
KMV Travels & Study Services  
La Phong Immigration
LLC Coliseum Studentland TM
LLI Korea
Maple Education Consultants
Marconis Institute Pvt. Ltd.
Martineau & Mindicanu
Multilinks Education & Immigration Services Ltd.
Murphy Contents Co., Ltd.
My UC Company Ltd.  
Naviguer Education
Network Canada
New World Study Abroad
NewG Education Inc.
Nexus Intercambio
Oberon Education and Emmigration Consultants Private Limited  
Overseas Frontiers Inc.
Phuong Anh International Education Consultancy Private Limited
Pioneer Immigration & Education Consultancy and Trainig Company Limited
Portage Education
Promins Development  
Pyramid Overseas Education Consultants
Realize Canada
Rehill Services Inc.
Seawall Education Consulting
Shinyway Education
SIEC Education P/L
Silver Fern Education Consultants
Silver Lining Immigration Inc.
Smart Be Inc.
Song Son Co, Ltd
St. Bond International Inc.
Student Pathways
Study Bridge
Study UA LLP, TM
Sung Joo Youhak
Sunrise Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Syntech Consulting Ltd.
Tianjin Leader Overseas Education Services
Time Immigration Consultants
Tingsing Consulting Corp  
Uhak School  
Vyvchay, LLC
Western Overseas Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd.
Wingo Consulting Group Inc.
Winnipeg Global Education College
Winplus International Immigration and Education Service Centre Inc.
Woori Education Group
Worldwide Studies Private Limited  
YC Immigration  
You & Canada Immigration Consulting

Information for current/new agents

New agent applications are not being accepted at this time. If you wish to be notified when applications open, please email your contact information to

Changes to international admissions process

MITT consistently receives many more applications than available seats in a given intake. To address demand, we will use a competitive and comparative process going forward. Applicants should carefully select their program of choice, and applicants and their agents should review MITT’s program pages before submitting an application to make certain the applicant is interested in and qualified for the program of choice. Applicants, or agents on their behalf must also exercise attention to detail in completing the online application because incomplete applications will not be processed. Please see MITT’s What’s New and Admissions pages for more information.

2019 Invoicing periods

All invoicing periods start 90 days after the program start.

  • 2019 Winter Intake Invoicing Period: April 7-April 30, 2019
  • 2019 Spring Intake Invoicing Period: July 3-31, 2019
  • 2019 Fall Intake Invoicing Period: November 4-25, 2019

All invoices submitted after the deadline will not be processed until the next invoicing period. Commission will not be paid if students have outstanding tuition payments.

Agent resources


Contact Agent Relations by email at or phone at 204-989-6655.


Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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