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MITT's English Language Institute is committed to providing a fulfilling language learning experience. Whether a student needs short-term, long-term, professional, general, or academic language education, our English Language Institute offers a wide range of student-centered English language programs.

International applicants who have not met English language proficiency requirements may apply to be assessed and/or enroll in language training at MITT. For more details, please see  MITT's English Language Proficiency Requirements.

International students who can successfully complete a pathway program through one of our partners will meet MITT's English Language requirement for admittance into an MITT technical program. 

MITT's English Language Institute is accredited by Languages Canada, Canada’s premier language organization. Membership is limited to programs from the public and private sectors that meet the rigorous standards of the association. Languages Canada represents over 225 language education programs and is recognized by the Canadian government and internationally. For more information about Languages Canada, please visit their website at www.languagescanada.ca.

To apply to the English Language Institute, please visit our International apply page.



English for General Purposes: 
Intensive English

This 10-week program is designed for students from beginner to advanced levels. The Intensive English program offers:

  • Various levels of instruction for day-to-day communication
  • Specialized workshops for areas such as English for business communication, speaking and listening, grammar, writing skills, etc.
  • Socio-cultural activities at no additional cost

Start Dates: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
Program Duration: 10 Weeks 
Class Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Application fee: $110.00 CAD (non-refundable)
Tuition: $3,350.00 CAD

English for Academic Purposes: 
Academic English for College Entrance

This 10-week program helps International Students reach their language proficiency needs for college admission. The program offers:

  • Advanced level of instruction for college admission preparation
  • Afternoon workshops including grammar, spoken communication, writing, etc. for focus on specific target areas
  • Socio-cultural activities at no additional cost

Start Dates: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
Program Duration: 10 Weeks
Class Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Application fee: $110.00 CAD (non-refundable)
Tuition: $3,350.00 CAD

Upcoming Start Dates for all English Programs


Start Date


Winter Session 2

February 13, 2017

10 Weeks

Spring Session 1

April 3, 2017

10 Weeks

Spring Session 2

May 8, 2017

10 Weeks

Summer Session 1

June 26, 2017

10 Weeks

Summer Session 2

July 31, 2017

10 Weeks

Fall Session 1

September 25, 2017

10 Weeks



Summer Intensive English

This 5-Week intensive program is for students in beginner to advanced levels. This program aims to improve your skills in all four key components—reading, writing, listening and speaking—by immersing you in the English language through classroom work as well as socio-cultural activities.  Our highly skilled instructors will push you to improve your English abilities through engaging lessons and activities.  We are sure you will enjoy your summer in “Friendly Manitoba”!

June 26, 2017 - July 28, 2017
Class Hours: 9:00-3:00* (subject to change based on daily activity)
Application fee: $110.00 CAD (non-refundable)
Tuition: $1650.00 CAD

Build-Your-Own-Program (Minimum of 2 weeks)

Customized to meet the needs of various groups

  • Improve English language communication skills in academic and professional settings
  • Demonstrate their learning through seminars and projects
  • Tuition Varies depending on length and program details
  • Minimum enrolment required
  • Contact michelle.romuld@mitt.ca for more information

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