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Mom & Baby ESL Program / MITT's Erin Campus


Students enrolled at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology have access to the following:

  • ESL Counselling
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Child Care
  • Student Cards and Reduced Bus Passes

ESL Counselling

Counselling is available to help day and evening students adjust to their new life and to create a supportive environment. The counselling includes information on services and programs for immigrants as well as guidance to aid in their successfully adapting to a new culture.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning

This is an interactive class for MITT students that incorporates the use of the computer as well as computer-based resources to facilitate and reinforce language learning. Some examples of computer-assisted language learning are:

  • researching
  • preparing presentations
  • exploring web-based resources

Child Care (available at the Pembina location)

Fort Garry Child Care Centre Co-op is a licensed childcare facility. There are spaces reserved for children of Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology staff and students.

Student Cards

Students may receive a student card when they are enrolled. The student card includes a photograph of the student and the photo is taken at the Institution. A student card can be used for student discounts at some stores and to purchase a post-secondary bus pass.

Post-Secondary Bus Passes

Students attending MITT who have received a student card can purchase a post-secondary bus pass through the Institute. The student bus pass costs 20% less than a regular adult bus pass.

Both locations are easily accessible using public transportation.

Helpful Links and Downloads

  • Manitoba START
    • Manitoba START serves immigrants who are settling in Winnipeg as permanent residents. and provides information and referral services to help people in their new life in Winnipeg.
  • Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
    • The Centre supports and promotes the use of Canadian Language Benchmarks as standards for describing, measuring and recognizing the language proficiency of adult immigrants.
  • Essential Skills
    • These are skills that are needed to perform work functions and to carry out other life tasks. These skills are incorporated into the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology English Language Centre classes.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technologye believes that significant learning takes place outside our institution and that this learning can and should be assessed and recognized. For more information, please contact the Recognition of Prior Learning Coordinator at 989-6575.

Adult Learning Centres

The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology is in partnership with five Adult Learning Centres (ALC's). The Adult Learning Centres offer programs that lead to a Regular or Mature Student High School diploma.


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