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Organizations of all types and sizes require an increasing range of print and web materials. From graphics for web and social media to holiday cards to annual reports, the need for in-house creative skills has never been higher. Go beyond word processing and into the modern desktop publishing environment, and you'll bridge the gap between 'good enough' and 'polished professional'. Premium creative skills will allow you to stand out like never before.

Who will benefit most from these courses?

  • Administrative office professionals - add premium skills to your toolbox for advancement.
  • Existing workers in the graphic and digital media industry - update and expand your skill-set enabling you to be confident providing creative services.
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers - DIY is your mantra; refining your visual brand could give you that extra edge.

MITT is the only post-secondary school in Winnipeg offering in-class delivery of these particular stand-alone Adobe courses. Courses will be scheduled to allow working individuals to learn without interruption to their work day. Introduction and Advanced courses will be offered.

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Introduction-level courses:

Adobe Photoshop® Introduction - Registration is now open!

  • Proficiently navigate and customize the Photoshop workspace.
  • Discover new ideas in image resolution, enhancement and photo retouching.
  • Learn to create, edit, and customize documents for print and web platforms.
  • Manipulate images and create special effects using layer modes, colour, adjustments, styles and masks.

Tuition Fee: $480.00.

Start Date: March 15, 2017.

End Date: May 17, 2017.

Class Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm on Wednesday evenings.

Registration Deadline: March 8, 2017.


Adobe Illustrator® Introduction

  • Create professional graphics and illustrations that integrate seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe InDesign®.
  • Explore the features that make Adobe Illustrator® the most popular vector-based graphics application in the world of design and web-based graphics.
  • Learn new skills with drawing tools such as the Bezier pen, layers, type, graphic styles and much more.

Start Date: TBD

Adobe InDesign® Introduction

  • Discover layout and design tools to help you manage and manipulate document creation.
  • Gain a basic understanding of how to apply colour management, image optimization and other print production best practices to achieve professional results.
  • Learn how guides, preferences, grids and styles can ensure accurate, consistent layouts and improve readability.
  • Create posters, brochures, and larger multi-page documents that incorporate graphics, text and print options.

Start Date: TBD

Advanced-level courses:

Adobe Photoshop® Advanced

  • Build on the methods covered in the Introduction course to create more intricate photo edits and composite images.
  • Incorporate vector drawings, vector layers and smart objects.
  • Explore web design using slices, image maps and multiple-state buttons.
  • Create timeline and cell animations, and on-screen graphics in video.
  • Use 3D imaging tools such as mesh presets, effects and vanishing-point perspective.
  • Further develop illustrative style using paint tools, lighting effects and advanced filters.
  • Streamline your workflow with automated actions and tools.

Start Date: TBD

 Adobe Illustrator® Advanced

  • Develop and augment basic Adobe Illustrator® skills with more complex techniques
  • Learn 3D blends, masks, layers and the gradient mesh feature and integrate your designs seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe InDesign®.
  • Use multiple core functions to draw, and manipulate shapes with precision and ease in order to create brochures, posters and city maps.

Start Date: TBD

Adobe InDesign® Advanced

  • Expand on print production basics learned in the Introduction course, and learn how this software can be used to create digital forms, magazines and books for online audiences.
  • Experiment with master pages, character styles, layers and more.
  • Discover new digital publishing formats and tools designers use to prepare their products for this medium.

Start Date: TBD

Please note: The courses listed above are in the development stage, and details may be subject to change.

For more information, or to apply for training, please contact Continuing Education at 204.989.6653 or email


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