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Sponsorship of secondary students and coverage of tuition costs is the responsibility of the sending school division. Once registered, textbooks are loaned to students and must be returned to the College upon student exit. Students may be required to purchase workbooks and additional supplies.


Tuition and book information is listed under each of the program descriptions. Resource and reference books are available for “in-class” use only. Supplies are the estimated costs of additional material and/or supplies that students will be required to purchase.

Tuition fees listed are for individual applications where students are supported by Manitoba Education. Fees charged to agencies in support of student tuition are quoted on a case-by-case basis.


Tuition fees for international students range from $12,000 to $15,000 CDN per year. Program specific fees can be found by visiting the program page and selecting the program of interest.


The Manitoba government provides high-quality health insurance at no cost for international students who hold study permits valid for 6 months or longer.

Student's who do not qualify for Mantitoba Health can obtain international student insurance through MITT at a cost of $2.00 per day.


A non-refundable administration fee is required of applicants enrolling in full-time or part-time programs. Submit a $75.00 non-refundable Post-Secondary Application fee or $110.00 non-refundable International Application fee per program (All funds Canadian). Applicants with outstanding accounts from previous programs at the Institute will not be permitted to register until full payment has been received.


Students who have been accepted for admission to a program must confirm their enrolment by the specified date included in their letter of acceptance by paying a tuition deposit.


The tuition deposit of $200.00 is transferable in the same academic year, but is non-refundable. This deposit is part of the tuition fees and is due upon registration in the given program.


The tuition deposit of $400.00 for regular certificate programs is transferable in the same academic year, but is non-refundable. 

The tuition deposit of $1000.00 for post-graduate certificate programs is transferable only to other post-graduate programs in the same academic year and is non-refundable.

The tuition deposit of $1000.00 for diploma programs is transferrable only to other diploma programs in the same academic year and is non-refundable.

All deposits are part of the tuition fees and are due upon registration in the given program.


Tuition fees are made in accordance with the dates designated on the Payment Plan information provided in the registration package.

All students must pay the non-refundable deposit to reserve their seat which is part of the tuition fees. Registrants must complete the information from the Tuition Management company. If students receive financial assistance from a sponsor (Employment Manitoba, Student Loans, Band Funding, etc.) the notice of assistance must be attached. The payment amount of the Payment Plan will be reduced accordingly.


Any student issuing a cheque in payment of academic fees which is subsequently refused by the banking institution will be assessed a fee of $25.00. This will include all cheques returned by the bank for insufficient funds, stop payments and closed accounts.


Receipts for regular programs will not be issued unless requested for the purpose of submission for reimbursement through an employer or sponsoring agency.


Tuition and academic fees may be used to assist in the reduction of Income Tax payable in Canada. Each February, the Institute mails the appropriate Tuition and Education Credit Certificate form T2202A to the current address on record for qualifying students. It is imperative that all students notify the Institute following address changes.

In order to be eligible for the tuition tax credit, the total of such fees paid to an educational institution in Canada for the year must exceed $100.00 and the course taken must be at a post-secondary level.

The tuition amount on the T2202A is calculated based on the total tuition charged for the course prorated for the number of months you were in the course during the year.  T2202As are mailed at the end of each February provided student accounts have been paid in full.

Students may be eligible for the education tax credit for each month of part-time or full-time registration. The T2202A will reflect the number of months of enrolment eligible to be considered as part-time or full-time. Full details concerning the Tuition and Education Tax Credit may be found in the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency’s Personal Income Tax Guide.

In the event of T2202A loss, there will be a $15.75 administration fee assessed for the replacement of this document.


In the event that a program is cancelled, students are eligible for a full refund of application fees, deposits and tuition fees previously paid.

Educational institutions are required by law to forward any refund for student loan recipients directly to the lending institution for the reduction of student loan debt.

Educational institutions are required by Education Training Services and other sponsoring agencies to forward any refunds directly to third parties who paid tuition on behalf of a student.

Refunds of tuition fees may be reduced by outstanding debts such as textbooks, kits and miscellaneous supplies or equipment.

Students are responsible for notifying the Institute when withdrawing from their program of study. Withdrawals are assessed  based on the refund policy.


A Certificate is issued, at no cost, upon completion of a program. Duplicate certificates may be obtained at an additional charge. Transcripts are issued at no cost upon student exit from the program. Duplicate transcripts may be obtained at an additional charge.


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