When is the next available start date and when should I apply?

Refer to the Program Listing page and the specific technical program you are interested in for the next available start date.

MITT strongly recommends that students apply at least six months in advance of the program start date. Please ensure that you have met all entrance requirements before you apply*.

*High School students may apply for post-secondary programs while in their last year of high school and will be accepted conditionally until all entrance requirements have been met.

What is the application process?

An outline of the admissions process and links to the application form can be found on the pages listed below:

Canadian Post-Secondary Students

International Post-Secondary Students 

Note: Post-secondary students requiring accessibility supports should contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator/Student Services at 204-989-6512 as early as possible during the application process.

Do I need an original transcript or can it be a photocopy?

All transcripts and supporting documents must be original. Please note that all supporting documents submitted in the application process become the property of MITT.

What programs does MITT offer?

MITT offers a variety of programs in the areas of Skilled Trades, Health Care, Human Services, and Information and Business Technology. 

Visit the Program Listing page for a complete list of programs, descriptions, and start dates.

What if I do not meet the entrance requirements of a program?

If you do not meet the entrance requirements for a program, you may still qualify for admission by writing a Skills Assessment Test.

To assess a student’s academic preparedness, MITT uses the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) to measure skill level in the areas of Math and English. Successfully completing a CAAT test will be used to grant admission to an MITT program when a student is missing the required high school entrance requirements.

Students who have already paid the regular Application Fee will not be charged a fee to write the CAAT test if required.

The CAAT test is not a measure of English Language Proficiency. Refer to English Language Proficiency for further details.

Appointments to write the Skills Assessment/CAAT Test can be made by calling 204-989-6500.

What are the entrance requirements for International or internationally educated applicants?

Students with high school or post-secondary education from outside of Canada must meet an English Language Proficiency requirement in addition to the specific program entrance requirements. Refer to English Language Proficiency for further details.

Math and Science entrance requirements will be accepted from your home country with the submission of original transcripts during the application process. Refer to the Program Listing page for each program’s specific entrance requirements.

What is an English Language Proficiency assessment?

English Language Proficiency assessments measure the level of English proficiency for those students whose first language is not English.

See the English Language Proficiency page for information on approved English language assessments.

Are MITT programs accredited?

Many MITT programs are accredited by Apprenticeship Manitoba or lead to a professional certification. As well, MITT programs may be used as transfer credits at other post-secondary institutions. Refer to the Program Listing page for specific program details.

For more information on apprenticeship training, please visit Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Will I receive a certificate or diploma when I graduate from MITT?

For the majority of MITT programs, graduating students are issued a certificate. Refer to the Program Listing page and the specific MITT program for the credential issued (certificate, diploma, post-graduate certificate, etc.).

Does MITT offer student housing?

MITT does not currently have student residence facilities, but we can assist students in finding rental accommodations, homestay, or student housing at one of our partner colleges.

For more information please contact Student Services at studentsuccess@mitt.ca or Rae-Lynn Rempel.

What are MITT’s tuition payment options?

Seat deposit information and instructions on how to pay your tuition in-full will be provided to you during the application process.

For students requesting to pay their tuition in installments, MITT has partnered with Rotessa Canadian Education Payment Plan who administers monthly payment plans.

All students must pay a non-refundable seat deposit to reserve their spot in their program. The seat deposit is part of the total tuition fee amount.

If your tuition is being sponsored (EI, Band Sponsor, WCB, etc.) please provide proof of sponsorship (Notice of Assistance) to MITT Finance.

For most programs, required textbooks are included in your tuition fees. Textbooks are provided to students on the first day of class.

Required personal supplies and equipment, such as work boots or specialized clothing, are not included in the total tuition amount.

Where can I get information on how to pay for my tuition and living expenses while studying?

Students are encouraged to start budgeting for full-time studies as early as possible before classes start. This includes planning for tuition costs, as well as living expenses like rent, transportation and groceries during the school year.

For help making your financial plan, arrange to meet with a MITT Student Advisor by contacting studentsuccess@mitt.ca or 204-989-6512.

Students should also visit the Student Loans, Awards & Bursaries page.  

When will I receive my T2202A tax receipt?

T2202A tax forms will be issued at the end of February of each school year, which will include the tuition from the last calendar year.


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