Student and Academic Policies

Academic/Student Policies

Academic Policies

Student Conduct
Policy NumberPolicy Name
AC-1-1 Student Behaviour
AC-1-2 Student and MITT Expectations
AC-1-3 Student Dress Code
AC-1-4 Academic Integrity
AC-1-5 Drug and Alcohol Policy (Students)
AC-1-6 Attendance Policy
AC-1-7 Student Discipline
AC-1-8 Kirpan and Kara Policy
Academic Matters
Policy NumberPolicy Name
AC-2-1 Student Withdrawal Policy
AC-2-2 Student Appeals
AC-2-3 Course Outline Policy
AC-2-4 Work Practicum and Work Co-op Policy
AC-2-5 Accessibility Accommodations and Supports for Post-Secondary Students
AC-2-6 Credit Transfer Policy
AC-2-7 Administering Medicine to Students
AC-2-8 Anaphylaxis
AC-2-9 Student Concerns

Administrative Policies that pertain to students


Policy NumberPolicy Name
ACS-1 Accessible Customer Service Policy

Code of Conduct

Policy NumberPolicy Name
CC-2 Respectful Workplace and Harassment Prevention


Policy NumberPolicy Name
FI-2 Expense Reimbursement Standards
FI-3 Travel Expense Policy and Procedures

General Administration

Policy NumberPolicy Name
GA-2 Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower)
GA-3 Copyright/Fair Dealing

Information Technology

Policy NumberPolicy Name
IT-1 MITT Computer and Telecommunications Usage Policy


Policy NumberPolicy Name
R-1 Administration of Research
R-2 Research and Innovation
R-3 Intellectual Property
R-4 Integrity in Research and Scholarship
R-5 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Subjects
R-6 Applied Research Policy Definitions

Sexual Violence

Policy NumberPolicy Name
SV-1 Sexual Violence Policy

Workplace Safety, Health & Wellness

Policy NumberPolicy Name
WSH-1 Workplace Safety, Health and Wellness
WSH-2 Violence Prevention
WSH-3 Disaster and Emergency Plan Policy
WSH-4 Working Alone or in Isolation
WSH-5 Smoke Free and Vape Free Policy


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