2018 International Business graduate FITTing in nicely in Canada

September 18, 2019


The path Pedro Silva and his wife took from their home in Rio, Brazil, to Winnipeg may not have been direct—it began with a stop in Texas while the couple contemplated immigrating to the US—but the same cannot be said of his journey since his arrival, when he laser-locked his focus on his studies at MITT and his vision of building a successful career in Canada.

Earlier this year, that unwavering commitment to academics and success netted Silva, currently a financial analyst within cloud computing at SkipTheDishes/Just Eat, the 2018 Top Student Award from Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). In addition to being a leading global business training and certification provider, FITT* is also a partner in MITT’s Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business program, which Silva completed with flying colours, notching the highest GPA of any student enrolled in a FITT-affiliated program that year.

Recalling his MITT experience and the award win, Silva said it affirmed his belief in himself and now serves as inspiration to turn new challenges into opportunities.

“Winning that award was above all a way to show to my wife and I that I did my very best,” says Silva. “I studied at peak performance … and I was right to set such high expectations for myself. Now, the award represents how much more I can accomplish here in Canada.”

According to Rebecca Brooks, MITT’s dean of academic programs, Silva’s success was also a great reminder of how important education is to fuel one’s continuous improvement—no matter what age they are.

“Pedro is a dedicated lifelong learner,” says Brooks. “This award is a well-deserved recognition of his commitment to his career and education.”

With his sky’s-the-limit mindset Silva is focused on a long-term goal of becoming an economist from his new home in Winnipeg. As for what drew him to the River City, Silva cited a variety of factors including how safe Manitoba is, its reasonable cost of living, and its reputation as a great place to pursue your education, grow your career, and start a family.

When asked about the challenge of adjusting from tropical Rio to Winnipeg’s wild winters, Silva offered three nuggets of advice: “Download the weather app on phone and check it every day; stay active, go to the gym, (don’t hibernate!); and ask your local peers how to dress for winter.”

*Students who successfully complete both the MITT and FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) assessments in the Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business program are able to receive multiple credentials, including the MITT Post Graduate Certificate, a Certificate and/or Diploma from FITT in International Trade, and may be eligible to receive their FITT Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) Designation, the only professional trade designation of its kind.


What drew you to MITT’s Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business?
I decided to attend the International Business program due to my background, with the expectation that it would help me build a career in this area in Canada, which is a country oriented to international business.

Tell us a bit more about the background and experiences you brought to MITT
I am an economist with 17 years of experience in analytical positions (focusing on finance) which was primarily with two Brazilian companies: one in oil and the other in mining.

Did your program at MITT help you win this award?
All my courses related to the FITT exam I attended so, yes, they helped me in some way. In particular, the following courses: International Trade Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Business Environment, International Trade Research, International Market Entry Strategies

What is your most memorable experience from your time at MITT?
All of instructor Willy Fogang’s classes.

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