Sibling harmony: UPDATE

April 10, 2019


UPDATE: Marielle and Marvin notched gold and silver in the post-secondary hairstyling competition. Marielle is now eligible to compete in Skills Canada. In total, nine of MITT's 30 participants medalled (see complete list below). Congratulations students, instructors, and staff! 

With the 22nd Annual Skills Manitoba competition just hours away, MITT campuses are preparing to host a trio of events—Industrial Mechanic/Millwright, Electronics, and IT Network Systems Admin—and dozens of students are doing last minute preps before the big day.

And it is big!

More than 475 competitors (high school, post-secondary, and apprentice) will battle the clock and test their skills against challengers from across the province. But the rivalry will be closer to home for Hairstyling students Marielle and Marvin Borillo: pitting little brother against big sister. Chatting with the pair, they pretty much confirmed an all-out sibling throw down is unlikely. But a steady flow of good-natured quips between the two still revealed a common sibling dynamic.

“We like to compare ideas and see what works best,” says Marielle. “We don’t say, ‘No you can’t look at my things, you have to do it alone.’”

“Sometimes,” deadpans Marvin, triggering a fit of laughter from them both.

Marielle got into styling first, spending the past eight years working out the finer points of things like colouring with a corps of friends willing to be her test subjects. Clearly she has the knack: her first “client” from way back then is also going to be her model in August.

Marvin, who is three years younger than Marielle, says he was always the go-to bathroom barber for the men in his household but didn’t initially consider barbering as a career. After high school, he got into cutting hair with a friend, started to take it a bit more serious, and decided it was time to enrol at MITT.

“I just came home one day and said, ‘I’m going to apply for hair school,” says Marvin.

“And I said, ‘Oooh, me too!’” recalls Marielle.

Marvin heard about the school from a trio of MITT grads who have cut his hair along the way. One of them, Deven Tagle, is helping him master the craft right now. Marvin says this sort of apprenticeship is a big part of barbering culture, with experienced practitioners helping to bring up the next generation.   

Tomorrow's day-long event will be judged based on three criteria. Marielle and Marvin agree that aside from those metrics, winning will depend on who showcases their creativity the best.

As for what they’re hoping to take away from the experience, it’s really an extension of what they’ve been taught in the studio at MITT since day one: to always look for opportunities to learn and grow.  

“Competition is just a good way to push through your boundaries and try something new,” says Marvin. “That is key in this industry.”


Congratulations to all of MITT's Skills Manitoba 2019 competitors and medallists

Culinary (secondary)
Merranda Smith, MITT High (bronze)

Electrical (post secondary)
Tyler Kubin

Electronics (post secondary)

Kalaja Mulvmba (gold)
Hardeep Singh (silver)
Rashmi Anand (bronze) 
Derick Huynh
Austin Rowart

Electronics (secondary) 
Nicole Desharnais (silver)
Connor McIntyre

Graphic Design (post secondary)
Allison Schwartz
Cyrus Teja
Yuyan Tong
Deven Wilson
Kevin Ophey
Tamara Walker

Graphic Design (secondary)
Enzo Riegel
Rhian Hunt

Hairstyling (post secondary)
Marielle Borillo (gold)
Marvin Borillo (silver)
Gifty Day

Hairstyling (secondary)
Sheyanne Kornelsen
Brooke Nichols

Industrial Mechanic/Millwright (post secondary)
Jens Boekhorst (gold)
McKinley Molloy (silver)
Brandon Kotowich

IT Network Systems Admin (post secondary) 
Virnic Gil Ragat
Raiden Miranda

Welding (post secondary)
Natalie Bacon
Timothy Heide

Welding (secondary)
Tyler Anderson



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