DisruptED 2016 A Successful Step Into The Future

November 28, 2016

Last week's two-day DisruptED 2016 conference had eye-opening moments for everyone, from educators and industry partners to government officials and of course, students themselves. Panelists and keynote speakers helped attendees not only get grounded in new expectations, challenges and opportunities, but offered some insights on how technology can bridge gaps in delivery to fully engage the current generation of students. The conference began with an acknowledgement that classroom teaching is essentially unchanged over time, a system handed down through the years that has struggled to stay current in the Information Age. Building from this theme, presentations and discussion groups addressed challenges in presenting information to an increasingly wired and self-driven audience, necessary supports for today's connected educators, and how classrooms themselves might change. With technology disrupting old norms of the educational model, events like DisruptED should help start essential conversations to modernize training methods and meet the needs of future students in an increasingly uncertain world.

Congratulations to our partners ICTAM, Red River College, and The University of Manitoba for coming together and organizing this progressive and thought-provoking event. You can read more about DisruptED 2016 in this Winnipeg Free Press article.


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